Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Streak Has Ended

As much as I hate to admit it, I had a little superstition about posting about our win streak, which was broken tonight at 13. I wanted to say something about the wins, after all, the blog is called Having a Ball, but there's a weird little catch that said to me that I would be setting myself up if I posted about how excited we have been to go undefeated in conference play. How thrilled I was to see Moses score 40 points, a feat neither Ken nor Caleb accomplished. How actually NICE it has been not to deal with the baggage of losing. Like a silly blog post would do that: make us lose. But still, I couldn't do it. And, sure enough, it wasn't the blog posting that made us lose... oh no... I can blame something else! I usually don't read the article in the morning newspaper on the day of the game and I did today, so THAT must be it!!!

Used to, if the game was on TV, I might try to just catch the last few minutes of it. However, I now watch every stinkin minute of the games. I have no choice. Kami is our little play-by-play announcer who adds a lot of color (GET THE BALL TO JARVIS she screams to the TV) , and she will not miss a second of the game. So, we stood in the kitchen together and watched ORU go down tonight to IUPUI. After a terrible first half, the guys pulled it together and came back from being, I think, 11 down. The lead kept changing hands the last couple of minutes and A-Lib missed a shot at the end to win it. It was exciting, but I tried to keep my emotions in check. After 8 year of this basketballcoacheswifelife, I (think) I am learning what Patsy has wisely offered for years: don't get too up! and don't get too down! Keep an even keel. If you know me very well, you are laughing. You are surprised I can even type the words "even keel." Because you know my emotions often carry my away! But there is a part of me that is OK with this. I don't like it. I NEVER like losing... but it is OK.

And on another note, what about OSU beating Texas A&M at College Station tonight? They needed it, and they GOT it. I am really, really happy for Sean and his players. And most of all, Sean's WIFE! :) Speaking of OSU, I stumbled on to these Bill Teegins highlights a few weeks ago, and I have been waiting to post them. If you loved listening to Bill call OSU games, then you will enjoy these clips in a bittersweet way. Seven years after the terrible OSU plane crash, I still miss Bill Teegins. The basketball part is towards the end, and boy, Bill was FAN-TAS-TIC. Take a little listen!

Now that's a basketball post for ya!

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