Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday is a Funday

We enjoyed Easter from beginning to end. It was a wonderful day. We went to church at Fellowship Bible, which is our unofficial home right now. It seems to be our base church as we continue to visit other churches. I feel like it gives us a sense of stability as the location of our church home is still so uncertain. Bruce Ewing's message was great... I really feel like I missed out if I don't get to hear him on Sunday mornings!This was the only decent picture I snapped of the kids. Getting a good pic of Luke is just about impossible as you can see. Doesn't he look like a lovable stinker????Right when we got to our cousin's house, Nana had the photo opportunity organized. We got quick shots of our 10 kids (including baby Jace, my cousin Jami's big new boy).Ta-da, my best photo of the day. How could I not take a good picture of beautiful Magpie? It must be the model, not the photographer. The annual basket on the head picture. Granny always starts it, that mischief maker.
On your marks, get set....GO!!!!The Princess of Hearts with Kim R.'s dog, Tia. She was in Dog Heaven. A rare picture of our hubbies. Two basketball coaches... probably still talking ball.Best Buds and winners of the raw egg toss. They somehow got a super egg that was indestructible. This egg wasn't quite so lucky.The t-shirt says it all.The Princess of Hearts and cousin goofing around.A beautiful, blessed day!!!

3 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! Nana

kelly said...

LOVE that pic of Maggie and her basket. And Luke's shirt seems too perfect. Your family is so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Awesome EAster pics! The one of Mag is channeling Kelly Stocksen's pics - it's awesome!
Love love love the one of Luke too, and of course all the others!
So glad you are back to blogging!