Sunday, November 23, 2008

God is Good, So Good So Good

A blogger friend of mine, who I just adore, has started a meme with her sister. On Sundays, bloggers are encouraged to share a story of how we’ve seen God’s mercy at work in our life or in the lives of others and then link to her blog.

Believe me, I have no shortage of ways that He has taken up my slack and watched out for me. I can be pretty much a walking disaster at times, if not for His amazing mercy and grace. Seriously.

He has given me unmerited mercy by helping me with stuff, both big and small. For example-

Big: He pulled me out the dark and frightening corner of fear and worry that I had worked myself into a few years back.

Little: He helps me find my keys everyday. I am serious about that.

The one I want to talk about today is a pretty big one that has occurred over the last few days.
It has to do with that maddening, orange sphere called a basketball.

More specifically, game day in the basketball arena.

As I was driving to the ORU vs. TU game a few days back, I began to feel that familiar gush of adrenaline that does wacky things to my heart, head and bowels. It is unbelievably unpleasant and if the game is a big one, can truly feel like an out-of-body experience.

And then I asked myself, WHY? Why is this happening to me?
I told myself....

We are driving to the game.
Nothing is even happening at the moment!
Why do you feel like you are a squirrel staring down a Mack Truck?

And then it hit me.


I am a Pavlov dog. Show me a basketball game: my body responds (and not by drooling.)

It was at that moment that I began a sincere and desperate plea to God to help me handle these games with more poise and spiritual maturity... with the peace that passeth understanding. I had a few friends pray. I thought about this verse:

You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

And then... my friends, his mercy came like a wave.

Two games down, absolutely no anxiety.


And that... that... was a major mercy. It was NOT of myself. He provided peace and assurance for me throughout those 2 games!

Check on me again on Tuesday when we play Louisiana-Lafayette at Louisiana-Lafayette.
and then again next week when we play Missouri at Missouri.
and how about in December when we play none other than the number 1 team in the land, North Carolina. AT North Carolina.

I could certainly use your prayers and more of His Daily Mercies.

15 Wonderful Responses:

Chere' said...

I loved this post...I could hear you saying every word of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie,

This brought a lump to my throat! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

It IS a tremendous blessing when we see the Lord move so mightily. He truly cares about every single area of our lives. What a blessing.

That peace in the midst of unrest. You share a favorite verse of mine as well! Guess we think alike.

Annie, I can relate so well to being a wreck at times. Even as I type these words I am faced with a "train wreck" so to speak. And caused by my own hands. BUT! GOD! He is so faithful, even we are not. He is constant in spite of us.

I am so encouraged by your testimony and again, want to thank you. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to plan a blogger meeting? Can't believe you will be in Louisiana this week. I'd be tempted to drive to Lafayette (I'm just outside of Baton Rouge) if I weren't headed to Fort Jackson.

I pray many blessings and the hedge of the Lord around you.

May He do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to the power that worketh in YOU!


Much love and many blessings,

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing this!! It just goes to show that God helps us out with different aspects of our lives, not just physical things like money, etc, but even emotions,nerves and anxiety! He cares!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Sounds like He's been doing a great work in you...even just since "Has Anyone Ever Said These Things to You?"! Many blessings as that good work continues!

Dawn said...

What a great meme your friend is doing!

This was just a beautiful expression of God's love for us. He cares about EVERYTHING in our lives.

Baloney said...

I love this post!! Sometimes it is just a leap of faith. Letting go of worry and anxiety is impossible to let go of - unless you are able to pass that burden on. Here's to many more blessings!

Michelle said...

I love what you had to say in your post. It is amazing to see how God works in each of us. I will pray that you have for continued peace. He loves us and there is everything is important to him.

Marina said...

this was good .. yes the Lord knows our needs before we even speak them he has number the hair on our heads.He now our hearts better than we now them ourself. Parise God ! he is Good!!put your trust in the Lord and he will give you peace that you need ") marina

Roxanne Kristina said...

We have a great friend, who was my husband's college coach, who now coaches in Oregon. His wife has been to countless games as well. I can't imagine the ride it must be having watched them. But you are handling it so well. Being in touch with the journey, vs. the score board is so much more important. I know this is harder said than done (I worked in an athletic department of the college where I attended grad school during school - I saw the stress on the coaches because the score board related to their career), but your insights and determination to keep your prioritites in the right spot are incredible. What an impact and fortunate opportunity those boys have to hang around you guys. That is the part that I remember now as an adult. At the time I watched the score board. Now all I remember is relationship.

Bless you real good. You are really fun to follow. Go team!


Roxanne Kristina said...


I think I might have a "Pavlov" thing going with my frige... everytime it opens my stomach growls. Hmmm... :0)


4 Lettre Words said...

How beautiful! I love this post.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

Dave & Amy Moore said...

I loved reading this blog! How I often forget to turn my worries over to God and instead I keep a tight fist as if I'll fight someone off if they try to take it away. This was so encouraging and inspiring to me! Thanks!!! Just what I needed to hear today!!!

Anonymous said...

Had to comment again...God is soooo good! Today is Graduation day for Cammie for the National Guard. And, as I just posted...the sweet sight of her combat boots sticking out from under a blanket makes me smile and cry all at the same time.

I'm so very thankful! I'm feeling all emotional...but I AM...I'm thankful for my family in this room...for the beautiful women like you that I've been introduced to via blogging.

I'm thankful for His grace...

be blessed...Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining our meme with your wonderful testimony. Can't wait to hear more. Good luck on those games, and have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!


Audra Krell said...

Hi Annie, What a great post. I was just sitting at my sons basketball game last night, feeling my heart beating faster and faster as game time approached. I realized that if I ever have a heart attack, it won't be from the greasy food I eat, I will die on the basketball court! He is only 12, plays on three teams and is a little phenom. I can't take it though. Thanks for giving me a name for my condition, that darn Pavlov!!!