Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maybe, Maybe NOT

you are pleased at yesterday's election,

but maybe
you feel awful rejection.

you feel exhilarated! Vindicated!

you just feel things are complicated.

you partied late into the night -

and Maybe
you are sick with fright.

But there are no



when it comes to this:

God, and God alone, fashions the tapestry of human history.

He rules from the heavens and determines the next part of our earthly story.

He is bigger than votes and scams; he is smarter than Democrats and Republicans.

HE.... The mighty one... is control of this election.
No doubt about it; it's divine selection

Maybe NOT - should we worry and scurry

Maybe NOT - should we judge

Maybe NOT - should we doubt that our God has made a mistake.

I determine to look forward with peace and expectation, without reservation....

believing that HE is on the throne.
He will never leave us alone...
He is using our President elect...
in ways we may never expect.
Let's pray God's blessing upon him
and this great country we live in.

No MAYBE about it!

13 Wonderful Responses:

Katy said...

Amen, AMEN! So well said! It sure is comforting to know we ultimately serve God, not a president!

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Well said! HE is making His sovereignty known to us all. That very thing was on my mind although my expression a bit different. I write on Thursdays about the names of God and today it is LORD God Almight, God Alone.
you can check it out if you like: you do not need to feel obligation to read it but it is awesome that He is showing Himself that same way to me. (and many others I suspect.)
God Bless You, Chel

Roxanne Kristina said...

Wowa, this was incredible. I loved it. Thank you for commenting on this over on my blog. It is so interesting to me to be oberserving some feel God has spoken in the sense of answered prayers, and some feel "we" lost. But they (meaning Christians) are still responding to the same God. Either way we are in a win-win because he is God and he is in control. Depsite ourselves. :0)


PS: Adding you to my link list. Let me know if problem.

Rena Gunther said...

WELL SAID! You go with that rhyme, woman!

Thank you again for your beautiful response to my blogpost! You have tremendously blessed me!

I heart rhymes, by the way!


Michelle said...

I agree. God is in control and all we can do is pray for our country and our new president.
Well said.

Katy said...

Annie ~ I just realized...I had forgotten I linked all of my fave blogs on my blog as well. And I was rude and did it without asking; I'm not very good with blog etiquette. Asking forgiveness now instead of permission...but is it OK? :)

Baloney said...

I totally agree. Well spoken!

Lyndee said...

A Poetic way to say what I have been trying to tell those who just don't understand...Thanks!

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...great way to put it!

Have a wonderful week, Lady!

Annie said...

Very well said, Annie!

Audra Krell said...

Did you write this sister? So good! I simply loved it. Thanks for sharing.

ellen said...

WOW! Your words are amazing. I found your blog through someone else's and know you are friends with Amy M. and that I see you at MIT. Its nice to have a little background story for you...

ellen said...

P.S. I love, love, love the "Why I Blog" true. You have a gift of the written word.