Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

I couldn't let this day slip away without making a record of what I am so very thankful for in this year of our Lord 2008.

I'm going to make it simple.

Could write at length on each of these, but they are what they are.

No sense expounding too much.

In no particular order:

~Church. I am so deeply thankful and glad that we have finally found a new church home. We have not "joined," but it is pretty obvious that Fellowship Bible Church is where we should be. And that feels so good. Finally.

~Basketball. Tom's job is hard to love. But God gives me great peace and thankfulness for the way He has directed our steps. I even love his job sometimes. And that is nothing but a Godsend.

~Husband. Tom is not hard to love. He is a solid
man who God put me with to balance out my wacky emotions. He anchors me, and there are no words for my thankfulness for T.

~Blogging. Blogging is my friend. When I am sad, blog listens. And when I am feeling happy, blog proclaims my happiness to the world. I am thankful for this fun, creative outlet that allows me to write and express my feelings. Thanks Dawn, for the award! I've passed the award on to some people at the end of this entry.

~Children. My kiddos and their varied personalities. They are so all stinkin' different, and we absolutely love it. We derive such immeasurable joy from watching them interact with the world around them, in such different yet wonderful ways. I am fall-on-the-ground thankful for my children.

~My kids' school. I find myself just thanking Him for where he has put us. It is not a perfect school, but it is where He wants us. And I take great comfort in that.

~Family & Friends. They bless the heck out of me. The thankfulness in my heart for these wonderful people flows like a river all the day long.

~Hot water. I love hot water to make tea with and hot water to take a bath in. Hot water is one of my most soothing things that I crave and love and am thankful for.

~Pics. Pictures make my heart sing with joy. I love
taking pictures and am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

~Creative Juices. Not much makes me feel more alive than bein' crafty. I just love it. I am convinced that in heaven I am going to be chief craft creator for His heavenly kingdom. I may not be as talented as some, but I feel blessed by using my mind and hands.

And my awards will go to....
Ellen for a beautiful blog with GREAT pics!
Audra for the tireless pursuit of excellence!
Ashley for being so fab.u.lous!
Amanda for being such a faithful blogger!
Roxanne Kristina for her hard-hitting posts!
Amber for being so crafty and having such cute girls!
Katy for her homeschooling passion and sweet words!

Katie for her heart-felt and always scriptural entries!
Baloney because she's funny, something I have no talent for!
Rena for precious words and an awesome heart!
There are so many more of you! I could list many more, but I will save all of you for the next award that (might!) come my way.


7 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

I'm going to have to send out a big hearty "AMEN!!!!" to the "thankful for hot water" bit. I used to take hot water for granted, but then we had that monster ice storm last year. And we were without power here for 10 days. We got a generator halfway through, but it was only enough to power half of the house, and the hot water tank is in the basement, so it was not included. I got pretty good with my "pioneer" skills at heating four pots of water on the stove at once to fill the bathtub up with (it usually took 16-20 pots of water, at least) and the sink with to wash the dishes, but after that experience, I hope I will never take hot water for granted again! :)

Kathleen said...

LOVE your tribute to Blog! :) And my man is a good balance to my wacky emotions too, so I'm right there with you!

Thank you so much for the award. You bless me!

Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and have much for which to be thankful. May your Christmas season be merry!

Amber said...

I love your list of things that you are thankful for!!! I was going to make a list, but I ended up not having enough time, but I did make one in my mind. Thanks for the award!! I hope you had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!!!

Michelle said...

I love your list of things you are thankful for. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I need to go do some walking or something, I ate way too much yesterday!!!

insertgracehere said...

How did I miss this???

Sniff, sniff....thank you for sharing your blessings and helping me to keep that attitude of thanksgiving. In EV-Er-Y-THING!

And the award....

Thank you, Annie!
What a blessing!

I'm going to take my award and cherish it....

..oh, then pass it on..yea, yea...of course! ;)

Thanks a millions,


ellen said...

What a sweet surprise! Thank you!

And I loved reading what you're thankful for. I struggle so much with raising grateful children and this time of year makes me think they might just "get it".

Baloney said...

There it is! I traveled and got behind on my blog reading. Thanks for the award!
Just so you know... I didn't list you because I saw you on Dawn's!!