Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Annie Needs...

I've seen this on blogs before but never taken the time to do it myself. So, when I was tagged by Rena, I decided it was high time.

My instructions were to type my name and the word “needs” in the Google search and then list the first ten responses that make sense.

There is definitely a theme going in most of my answers.
Warning: It ain't pretty.

1) Annie needs a spanking. (I kid you not - this was the first thing that came up)
2) Annie needs prayers. (oh yes I do - keep 'em comin')
3) Annie needs to release a live album. (God help us all)
4) Annie needs a home. (there were several of these... I guess there are lots of poor, little, orphaned dogs named Annie)
5) Annie needs the basics. (uh-huh!)
6) Annie needs a miracle. (everyday.)
7) Annie needs some advice. (do you see the theme yet?)
8) Annie needs more students like Jack H. (whoever he is, I hope he's a good student)
9) Annie needs to be rescued by the armed forces. (save me!)

and finally.... the be all and end all thing that I need...

10) Annie needs Jesus. (And that's the Blessed Truth. Amen)

Tagging: Chere, Shannon, Kim, Amanda, Amber, Jonni Valerie, Michelle, and Roxanne

(if you've done this already, just ignore me! Lord knows I'm just a poor woman who needs a lot of help anyway.)

10 Wonderful Responses:

Roxanne Kristina said...

I am waking up to posts in Goodle Reader with tea and thought this is cool. Then as I scrolled down in your post and realized I am tagged. Cool! I am on it. Will have done by end of day.


Roxanne Kristina said...

Oops, I mean Google not Goodle. It's early. :0)

Rena Gunther said...

Oh what a great way to start my day!

AFTER talkin' to Jesus, that is.

The first one cracks me slap up! HAHAHAHAHA!

Very interesting....Thanks for the laugh!

Melinda said...

The first one is hilarious - lol : )

Kathleen said...

How fun! The first one I got was, "Kathleen needs to talk to people." Grown up people anyway...there are certainly ENOUGH little people around here to talk to!! :-)

Roxanne Kristina said...




Valerie said...

This is always funny! I did it, too. :) Thanks for the tag!

Michelle said...

Ok..I will try it. Yours are really funny. I am kind of scared to find out what mine will say! lol

Baloney said...

Hmmm... this could be fun!
Thanks for the tag. I'll be putting mine up next week. Perfect for when I'm traveling. :)

Shannon said...

Numero Uno: Did you and Tom get into the asparagus? : )Thanks for the the tag!