Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock On

I know. I know.

I'm slacking off on my blogging. I miss blogging and I miss your blogs. I will get back on the blogging circuit, I'm predicting, after Appreciation Week is over at my kids' elementary school. I have been working night and day (along with an army of awesome volunteers) to put in place a ROCKIN' Week - that's our theme, anyway. Rock and Roll. I cannot WAIT to post how the week turns out. Look for that in late April!!!! I will be rockin' the blog that week!!!

On another Rockin' note, my cousin, my sweet and awesome cousin, is turning 50. So, in honor of her, we threw her a 50's Surprise Party!!!! And was she surprised....We all dressed up for the occasion. Kami, wearing the white jumpsuit below, dressed as Elvis, but Granny, who loves get ups and disguises, snagged the wig and the sunglasses with sideburns, making for a pretty laugh-worthy moment.
Here is the King herself, waiting for Ronda to arrive.And I had to get in on the Elvis action. This Velvet Elvis actually belongs to my mom, though she does not, I repeat, does not, have it hanging in her home.Here is Ronda getting ready to blow out her candles,...And the boys? Ahem. They liked the records. Mom and Granny....
Me and my friend Chere'. She is much better dressed than I am.
Thanks for reading... and until next time, ROCK ON!!!

9 Wonderful Responses:

Dawn said...

OMG!! How adorable!! What a fun party.

And, I just LOVE Granny! She has got to be the hippest Granny alive! She makes me smile!

Melinda said...

That is the cutest theme for a 50th party ever!! Fun times!

Roxanne Kristina said...

This was awesome!

Take own pace on blogging. Your cute peeps come first.


Baloney said...

When I turn 50 we will all be dressing up. THAT IS SO DARN CUTE!
Your Granny is awesome!
Good luck with appreciation week!!

momof4kr said...

LOVED this!

Granny is SUPER ROCKIN'!!! She reminds me of someone...just can't put my finger on it.

I know Teacher Appreciation week will be THE BEST since you're in charge again. Jenks is SOOOOOOOOO BLESSED to have Annie Hankins!

Shannon said...

Your family sure know how to DO birthdays! Too fun! Love that pic of Granny Elvis standing by the window. The one of the boys with their "records" is pretty hilarious too. And how talented are you with the "Elvis Lip" going on? Good luck with the teacher appreciation event!

Tracey said...

Oh Annie I am so sad that I didn't get to attend the party!!! Something about 8 inches of snow in my parents driveway and only about 5 inches of clearance under my car!!!! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun though!

Good luck with appreciation week at school. Even if you don't get a thank you from a teacher at Jenks, know that we teachers appreciate everything that our parents do for us even if we don't remember to tell you!!! Then again, you should remember that from your days at EC!

Michelle said...

I love your Granny in the wig! How cute is she???!!!
I don't know how I missed this post. What a great theme. My kids would have enjoyed it.

ellen said...

Your granny reminds me so much of my own. Love the Elvis get up!