Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Wise Gal

When Ellie was cast as a "wiseguy" in Fellowship Bible Church's musical focusing on the life of Daniel, we all had a good laugh.

Ellie has been a wise one ever since she's been a little bittle - always cracking us up with comments that seem way ahead of her time.

At 2 years, she would yell "privacia" at us when she wanted us to get out of the bathroom.
At 3, she described something as "smokin' hot."
At 4, when she was cold, she told us she was "freee-ee-ee-ee-zin her beak off" (a quote from the movie Ice Age, I think.)

And so it goes. She constantly says the funniest things and always nails the context of the comment perfectly.

(just wish I'd written some more down from when she was little!)

Definitely NOT a trait inherited from me. I am pretty slow and not witty whatsoever.

Anyway, she is a true delight to us and brings lots of light to our family.

But she was wise in a different way this time. During a basketball game at the state tournament, I found her making the beginnings of a list she called...

"100 things I want to do in my lifetime."

Here are the first Ten....Translation:
1) Go to a Harlem Globetrotter game.
2) Go to the Bahamas.
3) Meet a dolphin. (I just Love the word "meet" in that sentence).
4) Sky Dive
5) Be on a Major Soccer Team.
6) ME find my OWN arrowhead.
7) Go camping with my family only.
8) Go skiing.
9) Always agree with my family. (this one is a work in progress - not easy for the little, wise one)
10) See a baby tiger.

My prayer for the ever sharp Elle Belle?
Proverbs 3:7
That she will not be wise in her own eyes; that she will fear the LORD and shun evil.

9 Wonderful Responses:

Melinda said...

How old is she? That is amazing that she would even think of making a list of things to do in her life. And what a lovely prayer you have for her!!

Shannon said...

Too cute. And wise. That includes momma - wise mommas pray. I knew she was a sharp cookie when she named the poopy cow Luke in the YouTube video. As a sister to a younger brother I can so relate. I do hope she gets to "meet" her dolphin someday. I have a funny picture of that in my head.: ) BTW, I would LOVE to sit in on one of your college classes! Words, words, words, and more words -sigh- and no pesky buttons.

4 Lettre Words said...

Goodness...she is so cute! Sam is very "witty" and I would LOVE for him to try acting. Maybe one day!?!

Your kids are so great, Annie!

Kathleen said...

How absolutely, positively adorable! And I so love #9! Wish all little ones would make that their aspiration!!

Dawn said...

Her own bucketlist!! Annie, this was just precious. She truly is wise beyond her years.

Michelle said...

She does seem wise beyond her years. You will have to keep that list to show her someday. Cute picture.

Rena said...

Be still, my heart!

That little girl got me!

"MEET a dolphin!"

Me, too, Sweetie. Me, too!


Needed that....

momof4kr said...

Sitting here in a Dallas hotel business center with my coffee thoroughly enjoying reading Ellie's list...I LOVE IT! It reminds me of the dreams I had as a little girl...well, my dreams were a little different, but I was a dreamer nonetheless.
What a treasure our children are! Their dreams keep us all inspired...

Valerie said...

I love Ellie's list -- and all her quotes! :)