Monday, August 17, 2009


Tom and I took a little getaway to Las Vegas this summer. That vacation destination is not on my top ten list of places to go, however, due to a free plane ticket for me and Tom already traveling there on business, it was a way for us to have a nice mommy-and-daddy-only outing.
We stayed at a great hotel and went to some shows and slept in and ate out and enjoyed our time together.

What struck me this year wasn't the grandiose hotels, the slick and quick neon signs or even the casinos and their neverending beeping, humming and whirring with the occasional ding-ding-ding. It wasn't the entourage of media surrounding Blake Griffin when I saw him walk by or the live taping of Wheel of Fortune that I attended. (PARQUET was the winning word in the bonus round)It wasn't Blue Man Group (though that was the HIGHLIGHT of the trip) or the magical acts of Penn and Teller. It was the people.
The lines of people.

The crowds of people.
The gargantuan scope of the human race came at me with full force while in Las Vegas.

People there, people here. Tall people, short people, brown people, yellow people, smiling people, sad people, people with blank stares, people alone, people in groups, people lost, people found. The old. The young. The hopeful. The confused. People from faraway. People who never moved from their space of cement.

There were so.many.people.

It is overwhelming and quite honestly unfathomable for me to consider the amount of lives represented in the city of Vegas, much less Nevada, much less the United States, much less North America, much less the world.

The world.

So how does God balance the sheer number of people on this earth with the innate need each of us have to connect with other human beings?


And that's when it hit me....

out of
6,706,993,152 people in the world (i looked it up)
He chose YOU to be my friend.

YOU to interact with.
YOU to laugh with.
YOU to raise my children with.
YOU to cry with.
YOU to have fun with.
YOU to ask questions.
YOU to be the object of my admiration and respect.
YOU to inspire me.
YOU to help me.

YOU to be helped.

Even my blogging buddies, who I have not met in person, but have met in heart.

So, if I know you, I'm not taking this thing lightly.

I'm thinking, with the amount of people currently in the world times the amount of years the earth has held human kind....
the chance that I know you and that you know me....

is pretty Astronomical.

7 Wonderful Responses:

Rena said...

And now I am crying.


You moved me. So beautiful! So amazing that He allowed you to find such beauty IN LAS VEGAS! ;) Of course, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I'm not sure we're getting ALL the story.

I'm kidding.

And WHEEL OF FORTUNE? Or you KIDDING me? That would have made it so worth it all! I truly want to be a contestant. One day.

I'm so glad that He saw fit that I find you.

Your emotional bloggy friend

Kathleen said...

What a MARVELOUS post, my bloggy friend! And love the pictures! And love it for you that you got to have some time away with your bestest friend--even if the destination wasn't in your top 3. Definitely the company, not the venue!!

momof4kr said...

Annie...God has SO blessed you with not only a gift of writing, but of writing with purpose...and with heart.

Your thoughts are awe-inspiring.

I feel honored to be one of your "You's".


Baloney said...

You must have been there on a really crowded weekend? Wow!
I love Vegas but the people don't overwhelm me.
You are right. I'm so glad we are blogfriends. Chances are astronomical.

Valerie said...

Love this post. You're right -- astronomical. And I am so glad we "reconnected" since I did know you once upon a time at Nogales...:)

Abiding Branch said...

Wow! I have not been by in a while but what a post to rejoin on with you! That was amazing!

Only God can get out attention in a place that can't even spell His name!


4 Lettre Words said...

Such a wonderful post! And, I'm thankful that you and Tom were able to get some time away. Love it.