Monday, August 24, 2009

Our American Idol

Do you remember Granny's 97th birthday party a year ago???

The horse-drawn-wagon-prairie-lovin'-hoe-down of a celebration?
How could THAT be topped?

Well, hang on folks....
it doesn't get any more rockin' than this!!!!!
We celebrated Granny's big 9-8 with an American Idol themed party.

Granny, of course, was game. We had singers and dancers..... see some of our acts below....Hallie and Ellie did a cool Miley Cyrus inspired number.I was so impressed with Ana's confidence and choreograpy!Luke the breakdancer. (Ok, we stretched the rules a little bit - should have been a So You Think You Can Dance party!)Shae rocked the electric guitar!Wo... no kidding, we even had a hula hoop duo... too funnny!For the grand finale, Granny, who does have problems with her ears, sang "How Great Thou Art."

Kim and I stood up there with her and mouthed the words, but by the end all I could do was grab her hand and let my tears fall.

Then everyone in the room sang it again and we would have all been crying if not for the humor of granny's loud and off-key voice singing "Then sings my Soooooooooooooulllll, my savior God to theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." It was such a moment.

To top it off, when our emceee Uncle Lewis (not pictured) interviewed her afterwards, like he did all the other contestants, she popped off to our judges (pictured below), "do I get to go to Hollywood?"

It brought the house down. Our judges, from left, Jim (Randy), Jami (Paula) and Melissa (Simon). The audience was all smiles.
There were a few non-performers too. But aren't they cute?Granny blowing out the candles on her American Idol cake. Granny and her greats.Granny and her great great.Proud daughter and granddaughter of the birthday girl.Ida Pondarae is a shining star.

What a celebration of the birthdate of our true idol.

Cause it is NO LIE:

We all want to be like Granny.

**credit goes to Ronda, Kim R. and Judy for putting this party together! Girls, it was a ton of fun!

6 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

What a special, special party! You know how to have so much fun and make someone feel so special!

Valerie said...

She is the cutest. thing. ever.

And the fact that at age 98 she actually KNOWS what American Idol is to get the party? Amazing! What a neat idea! Here's wishing Granny many more happy years to come. If anyone can make it to 100, I would bet my bottom dollar on her.

Shannon said...

Very cool party! Very cool Granny!You need to write a novel Annie and name one of your characters after your Granny. Ida Pondarae is just too good to pass up! What a lovely lady!

Anonymous said...

Of course I love this post, because I love my Mother. She is the coolest 98 year old lady on the planet, and we hope she lives to be 110! Nana

Ginger said...

I so LOVE THIS! What a wonderful blessing to share such beautiful celebration with family. I wish I could have heard her sing!

ellen said...

Love it! Happy birthday granny!