Friday, August 14, 2009


day of sixth grade
year before she is in middle schoolfirst
day of third grade
day before she really has to memorize the times tables (eek!)
day of school
time my baby will be in kindergarten

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Anonymous said...

Before I looked at your comment below, I thought "they are growing up before our eyes". even though it means I am growing older, I love watching them grow and mature. They are beautiful and precious to me. Nana

Shannon said...

Ahh, we have this coming on Thursday. Cute pics - beautiful kids! Hope they had a great first day of school

Shannon said...
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Kathleen said...

Aww...firsts and lasts are so bittersweet!

ASHLEY said...

ohhhhhh!!! cute pics girl!!!! i'm loving your oldest's fashion sense...cute!!! are those...friendship anklelets????? love you...blessings!!!!

ellen said...

Thanks alot, Annie! I had JUST stopped crying... :-)