Sunday, August 16, 2009

September Babies

Kim was one of my two best friends during high school and throughout college.

We have been through just about anything you can imagine together.

Even pregnancy.

One day in early 2000, unbeknown to us, little cells were splitting like crazy inside of each of us.

Those little cells grew into embryos that turned out to be Will and Ellie, born only 4 days apart.

Kim lives in another state. We don't get to connect too often. Our kids have only been around hers a handful of times.

But it doesn't matter.

There is a familiarity and bond that only time, experiences, and God could forge.

I got to see my friend Kim a few days ago; she brought Will along for the visit. Ellie was the only one of mine home. So we took them to lunch. They talked about Bakugans and Wii games. Fishing and fun.

Kim and I talked about life, love, family, faithfulness, children, changes, surprises, school,
.....and our Super September babies.

6 Wonderful Responses:

Rena said...

Huge, HUGE, smiles!

My cup is so full, running over.

And this made me want to cry!

Shannon said...

Glad to hear you two got together. Are you going to be around for the other big birthday festivities? That Will is a charmer. Then again, I think Ellie may be too. Nice post!

Dawn said...

It is always so neat to get to experience pregnancy and birth with a best friend!

Love the pictures!

momof4kr said...

I totally know you what you mean...sharing a pregnancy with a dear friend is priceless.
And, of course...I love his name. :)

Kathleen said...

What a special bond you and your friend share. And what a special bond your kids share!!

Kim said...

Wow, you helped me remember when Sam and I were over for a play date with you and Kami. We did not know we were PG yet. I was doing the, "I just need something to snack on eventhough I just ate." I think I asked you for something really odd to eat! Love you friend!