Wednesday, December 29, 2010


During these days, God hasn't left me without a touch of humor and thankfulness.

In the craziness of the week, it occurred to me that on December 27th, we had the annual family get together with my dad's family.

And then I realized it was at my house.

So I scurried around like a rat on crack trying to make all the preparations for what turned out to be a 40 person 4 hour holiday party at my house!

The day after Christmas, Tom and I cleaned like Merry Maids, out with the old, in with the new, literally trying to make room for everyone.

The next night, I made the big shopping trip for the event, a mini-marathon. I ran to and fro all over that Super-Duper WalMart and home and back to SDWM when I realized I had left a sack of dairy products there. That took an extra hour.

When I finally got back, I made the brilliant decision to store several things in our oven, because I wanted the counters to be clean and frankly, the pantry was busting at the seams. I stacked up the Fritos and Chex Mix and Water Crackers and can of icing and red styrofoam plates, count em, 60 of em! Oh yes, and a bag of M and Ms.

On about my business I went and later that evening I walked in to find Kami making cupcakes, except they didn't smell like cupcakes at all, just some toxic, liquid styrofoam billowing from my oven. For the record, she did mention to me that she would be making cupcakes. It just didn't register.

I opened the oven like SuperWoman and began knocking things out of the oven as quickly as Superwomanly possible. I quite thought something may be alight; maybe I reasoned I would put the fire out that way?

There was no fire, just smoke, thick polymeric smoke (not sure what that means, but it sounds like what I smelled), melted M and M's, roasted frito and charred icing.....and I didn't even cry.

I just laughed and thank God that I caught the mishap before it became a true disaster.

5 Wonderful Responses:

Dawn said...

Oh, NO!! LOL!! This is so something I would have done.

Glad it didn't start a fire.

Rena said...

Hilariously terrible! So THAT's what those ingredients look like melted together? It looks like it all stayed in one place. This is good, no?

Note to self: NEVER, EVER store ANYTHING in the oven! You WILL forget!

Kathleen said...

Oh my...back to being SuperWoman Annie! So proud of you for laughing instead of crying. And 40 people right after Christmas??!! I think your picture of a rat on crack must fit in there perfectly! :-)

Shannon said...

I am in total agreement with Dawn. I could see me doing something like this. Note to self: do not store perishable items in the oven.

off to clean out my oven...:)

momof4kr said...

This is one of your most relatable posts of all time! hahaha I just LOVE that you could laugh it off!
"Laughter is (indeed) a good medicine!"