Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

We never really can lose hope, can we?

Granny was born in Hope, Idaho by a lake called Ponderay. Ida Pondarae probably seemed like a perfect fit to granny's parents, but we always joke that her parents should have used the town as their namesake instead of the lake and the state. Hope just fits her, and has all her life.

Today is no different. Granny inspired hope in us yesterday as we all converged in her tiny hospital room. The news went out that Granny wanted to sing and within a few minutes there gathered no less than 20 family members. We stood around her bed and sang every Christmas Carol we could think of. She sang with us as well she could and in moments of joy, she raised her unbroken right arm to the sky. And then everyone grew silent as granny herself weakly, yet unabashedly, sang "How Great Thou Art."

As usual, Granny gave to each one of in that room yesterday. She just can't stop giving.

She even gave to her doctor, who said she was amazed by Granny's strength.
What is to come? We really don't know, but we all have great hope and faith in God's perfect timing in her life.

Singing with Granny, making Gingerbread houses with family and a win by the Golden Eagles just really kind of made everything better yesterday.

7 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

Beautiful, Annie, just beautiful!

Baloney said...

So glad to hear your Granny is still so full of joy.
Merry Christmas!

Shannon said...

So glad to see this post. I thought of your Granny today. We sang some carols with my dad at the nursing home. A retired pastor lives across the hall and he has a hard time with remembering things most days, but he knew every word to those Christmas carols. Faith like that just comes springing forth and you can't help but by touched by it. I thing it must be that way with your Granny too. Merry Christmas to you all!

momof4kr said...

I am so moved every single time I read about your Granny. What a beautiful thing that she can still worship our Lord during her last days here on inspiration to all who know her. Much Love on this CHRISTmas Day sweet friend! xoxo

Rena said...

I'm bursting with joy for you! Annie, I am still praying and hoping with you! Who can know the mind of Christ? I pray that you have many more times of hope and joy with Granny. And please give her a great big kiss on her cheek for me!
Merry Christmas, Annie! Merry Christmas, Granny!
Much love!

Valerie said...

Merry Christmas, Granny!

Love this post (of course, you know that). And love the story behind her name. And hey, while we're spouting off all the love, LOVE the new blog banner! :)

Heather Keith said...

That was a beautiful moment I will never forget!!