Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cousins Galore

I have a good friend (Chere') who teases me because when we're out, I almost always see someone I know, and that person is almost always one of my cousins. "How many cousins do you have?" she jokes, "A hundred?" Well, actually yes, I do! My dad has 8 brothers and sisters, and my mom has 6 brothers and sisters. When we get together, we have to rent out space somewhere! There are about 60 grandkids and greatgrandkids on my mom's side of the family. Though some live out of town, many of us are here, so family get togethers are a wild tangle of loved ones, talking, eating, hugging, laughing and catching up. Here are a few pics of our Christmas party. Luke talked non-stop to Shea about Hot Wheels, friendship, and the latest movies he's seen. He obviously needed some male bonding time. The girls all ran around wild and free, having a blast together. But the "queen bee" was my granny, the reason we were all there. She is an angel on earth to us. She lined all of the kiddos up and had a present prepared for each one of them. When each child would walk up to her, she would whisper something sweet and sincere in his or her ear. The word of God speaks the truth about Grandma Ida: "Her children arise and call her blessed." -Proverbs 31:28

5 Wonderful Responses:

Kim Sutton said...

Absolutely precious!! She truly is an angel.

Anonymous said...

Such cute cousins! And how very blessed we are to spend Christmas with our precious 95 year old Mother & Grandmother. She loves everyone of her grandchildren so much!

daaad said...

Testing my password.papa j

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you had 100 cousins! It's great to get a look at them here...your Grandma Ida is so precious.

Anonymous said...

The picture is even better when you maximize it.

Papa Jim