Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pictures

Every child loves Easter morning, but dreads, I'm sure, the taking of the Easter pictures. And if you are a child in our family, there is no doubt that you really, really dread it. As we line all 9 of the kids up (all aged 8 and under), there are no fewer than 6 people with 8 cameras squealing, "look over here!" "say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" and "JUST ONE MORE PICTURE!" If I just happened upon the scene, I'm sure I would find it quite humorous, or possibly disturbing. I guess they are getting used to it, even Kyler who used to refuse the family papparzi because look at these precious pictures of these amazing kids. I'm breathing it in cause I know it won't be this way forever.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Tracey said...

OH Annie- the kids are so precious! I can't believe how grown they all are!! It seems like only yesterday when Kami was little, let alone me watching Kami and Ellie as toddlers... where has time gone??? (Now I sound like a parent!!!)

Anonymous said...

Good action shot. Captures the kids excitement about easter.

Papa Jim