Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Real, Live Treasure Hunt

There is nothing that kids like better than going treasure hunting. So on this past, beautiful, Sunday afternoon, I packed all 5 kids up, and went out in search of new letterboxes. (In the fall, we found a couple of letterboxes, and the kids have wanted to go searching ever since.......) I won't give away the locations, just in case you decide to go letterboxing yourself, but we followed the clues we found at We found TWO letterboxes, one in midtown and one in about 5 miles south of our house. One of the letterboxes, as you can see below, was actually hanging in a bush, right at Kami's eye level. She and Hallie and Ellie peered into the bush, but she was the one who discovered it. Then, the chaos ensued as the kids scrambled to stamp their notepads with the stamp in the letterbox. Each of them were then able to stamp the notepad in the letterbox with their own stamp, which represents their personality. You don't sign your name, just give your "handle."

Here are the kids handles:

Kami - Moon Beam

Ellie - Happy Lemur

Luke - Hot Wheels (real original, huh?)

Hallie - Bouncing Bunny

Lauren - Beautiful Bird
More information can be found on letterboxing HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Annie, this is something you and Kim would have loved when you were little girls. What fun! Nana