Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome Back!

Thanks to all of you who checked on us, making sure our family and our blog didn't fall off the face of the earth. What happened was that I had a cyber-stalker (probably just a little grandma in Minnesota) who was checking my blog multiple times a day. My mind got to imagining things (think man dressed in dark hoodie with mean, squnity eyes staring at pictures of my children) and.... it started weirding me out. So, I had to make this blog a little more anonymous, thus the address change. I have made a few other adjustments that make me feel more comfortable with a public blog. And now that I'm up and running again, I have nothing to blog! No pictures at least. So, I'm posting this fabulous poem by my "friend" Beth Moore. I have a link to her blog below, and here is a link to the lady who designed this "worship art." Beth Moore is an inspiration to me!

3 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

YOU are painting a masterpiece with your children--just look at some of these blog pages!

Susan Steele said...

Dearest Annie Rae!!!! I have just been blessed by a wonderful family. Your blog site is AMAZING and I love your writings. The pictures of Easter are precious and priceless. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME TODAY with so many smiles and and inspiring joy for life. I printed off the Beth Moore poem and will use it this Sunday in counseling a woman in need.
I miss you...can we go celebrate your birthday that I've missed the past TWO years? :) :( !

Maggie said...

Thanks for posting! So odd to see my work go up on Beth Moore's "goupies" (of whom I am one).

Blessing to you and yours, and I'm glad God gave you some ways to have peace about blogging. (I have some "tips for blogging" on my blog you might find useful as I've learned here and there you're welcome to look at (see the header tabs).