Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Wee Bit Tired

I always know it's coming, but the knowing of it doesn't prevent the happening of it from making me worn out. Basketball season stomps out of my life with March Madness. And it seems about that time I can sense a bit of relief coming. A life preserver is flung before me. But it's still actually a month before I will grab on to that life preserver and relax. The guys are doing their ever-so-important recruiting throughout April. That is not sarcasm, it is seriousness, especially with the reality that Caleb and Ken have moved onwards. So, Tom is out looking for some new tall guys, as the kids like to say. And I support that. Believe me, I know how important recruiting is. But, wo! It's this final stretch that can be the toughest test. It's the time of year I think my children have been replaced by rebellious, conscienceless, vindictive aliens and I become a wideeyedcrazilyravingshorttemperedfreakazoid lady who I don't really know. It's the time of the year that puts me on my knees, asking for one last bit of strength! He always provides it, in the form of encouragement, joy, laughter, friends, family. And finally, May comes!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind your previous post...that "Compliment of the Year" post?...You're awesome. Let me know you need'll be in trouble if you don't!

Love ya!