Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cute Post Title Goes Here

I don't know what it is...... if it's just the busyness of life right now... but my creativity has evaporated. It's just gone. It seems like all I can do to make sure lunches are packed, pick up my children at the right time, keep straight all the scheduled practices, prepare for teaching my English classes and just deal with all the details. Sweeping off the front porch or straightening up my closet seems to be a major accomplishment. So, finding the brain power to think of a post title for this picture series is just overwhelming me. It should be easy! Here I have two precious friends who spontaneously jumped into a pair of daddy's shorts and walked around and ate dinner in them. Too cute! But I am sitting here staring at the computer thinking of things like this...

*Long Friendship in Daddy's Shorts (hmmmmm.....terrible)
*4 Buns in an Oven (what oven?)
*A Friend in Shorts is a Friend Indeed (this makes no sense)

My friends, this is bad. I need some serious help. Is this as hard as I'm making it? I cannot think of anything! Therefore, I kindly ask you to leave a comment with a post title.And since I've never openly asked for comments, I'm a little nervous and am going to offer one of my creative clipboards as a thank-you for the person with the cutest title. Maybe, just maybe, making the clipboard and a little title inspiration from you will help me get my creative groove back!!!

10 Wonderful Responses:

Amber said...

How cute are they!!! Im not very creative with words, but how about .... There's no shorts too small (or big) for a pair of friends.

LOL! Im sure someone will have something much better!

Dawn said...

Hmm.... I'm still thinking, but right off the top of my head I've got- Best Friends will do anything, go anywhere as long as it's together

I'll be thinking on this today. :)

The pictures are adorable! What fun!

Amanda said...

How about "Joined at the Hip" ?

Dawn said...

Brought to you by - Dad's Shorts!

Okay, you don't know how this messes with my OCD! LOL I'll be coming up with things in my head all day now.

Dawn said...

Hey girl... check out my blog. I tagged you. :)

Dawn said...

Dad's Shorts - Loads of fun!

Michelle said...

"Two heads are better than one".

"True friends stick together through thick and thin."

I'm not real creative but I gave it a shot! Very cute picture. It looks like they had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

How about "belle-bottom sisters"?

Anonymous said...

OR, "Belle-Bottom Friends"...


ASHLEY said...

"Two Small for Daddy's Britches"

"I Lost So Much Weight, My Friend Can Wear My Pants With Me!...Folks, It's Just That Easy!"

"Gap's Latest Ad"

"Daddy's Gap Shorts = $40
Two Little Girls Going on Twenty = $40,000
Same Girls in Daddy's Shorts = Priceless"

"New Olympic Sport - 2012"

Okay, I'm sorta brain dead myself...I'll keep thinking.

Oh...and maybe you could locate a very large athlete that shoots a ball into a hoop, stick the girls in his very clean game shorts, give 'em each a basketball and take their could be the newest cover for the 2008-09 programs...hmmm...