Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This morning, Luke had no more stood up and wiped the sleep from his eyes when he reported urgently, "I have to throw up." Ugh, I thought. The truth was, it felt like I needed to throw up too. A vague feeling of nausea had turned into feeling like a brick was in my stomach and my day of errands was to be no more.

Instead, I spent the morning helping Luke with throw up target practice. He's still at that stage where he may or not make it to the toilet... and when there is (fairly) new carpet at stake, that doesn't go over well with Mama. I tried to talk to him about recognizing the feeling before it came, and how to make a beeline to the bathroom as NOT to throw up on the carpet. Even the wood floors were better than the carpet! I did have the emergency trash can available just in case. However, Luke didn't seem too impressed with my dissertation on why I didn't want to have to clean up chunks out of the frieze.

What did seem to grab his attention was when I opened up a Lego set that I had saved for a rainy day (or sick day !) I pulled all the shiny, new pieces out and he lovingly sorted them by color one by one. He then reported with determination, "mama... I will DEFINITELY NOT, I mean NO WAY will I even throw up on these legos. I will recognize that feeling and run to the bathroom, but I WILL not throw up on these Legos."

Priorities: for me, it's the carpet.... and him... well, the legos. Maybe I'll just sprinkle some legos on the carpet next time! For the record, no carpet or legos were harmed today.

One more funny (and a bit upsetting) thing... as he was throwing up this morning (the first time), he managed to ask between heaves: "Do I get to miss school today?" And tonight he said he would rather be sick than go to kindergarten. Yeah.... especially when you get to play with Legos.

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Amber said...

awww =( I hate throwing up, but I think I hate for my kids to be throwing up more. Its so upsetting for them and i know my daughter feels guilty for it and apologizes, which makes me feel bad that she thinks she did a bad thing! I hope he feels better soon! And you too!

Baloney said...

At the mention of throw up and legos - I knew I needed to read this! Sounds like my world - kind of.
Bless his heart!
Hope the legos and carpet stay clean.
I'm a little sad for him that he already wants to miss school. :(

Michelle said...

That sounds terrible. It's got to be one of the worst things when your kids have a stomach bug.
That is a great idea to hold back new toys for "rainy" days. I am going to have to do that.
I totally know how you feel. My little one is home sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease! Yuck. He has blisters on the inside of his mouth and he is miserable!! My husband and I were up half the night the past two nights with him. And, I missed my one day out because he didn't get to go to MDO today! That's not selfish is it??!!lol Hopefully by tomorrow your son will be feeling better and so will mine :)
On another note:
My daugher is totally into Horses and Amer. Girl Dolls. I still have time to plan for a party. I like the dog idea, anything with animals is great! It sounds like a fun idea.

Rena Gunther said...

You make throwing up sound so poetic!

I like that idea! A trail of Legos to the bathroom won't seem odd! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope he gets well soon! Lego's are great! Thx 4 stopping by. You're right, we are blessed! Have a great day! Ginger