Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love All Things Fall

I do, I really really do.

Warm sweaters,
hot chocolate,
orange pumpkins,
Multicolored leaves,
Darkness coming early,
chill in the air,
The smell of burning wood,
Homey get-togethers,

I just love it all. It's so darn cozy! And I like to be cozy.

There's just nothin' I don't like about this season.

But in my family, I am alone in my devotion to the fall season.
I'm sorry, fall, to tell you... that no one in this homestead likes you much.

Kami and Tom are summer lovers - more hours of light = more hours of sports. It's that simple.

Luke says that he loves summer too. Swimming, running, jumping, playing... all done better in summer.

And I had to laugh today while I looked through Ellie's papers. As it grows cooler and the days shrink, all I can think about is F-A-L-L! But Ellie's composition for the day? It is called "Spring."

I like Spring because flowers start to grow and all the pretty butuerflys come out and its a perfect time to spend time with my mom and dad. Me and my dad can go fishing. Me and my mom can go minow catching with my frind Savanna. Spring is a wonderful season.

Yes, it is, but until it gets here, I am going to jump headfirst into the big pile of leaves called FALL.

6 Wonderful Responses:

Rena Gunther said...


I'm so glad you visited my blog and posted your comment! Thank you for the encouragement. My toddler is two today and I just posted her birthday post. Huge difference there....Cammie just turning 18, and Sophie only 2. My middled daughter is 15.

Who knows the plans of God for the future. Joe wanted a baby all along. It's the process that we were unsure of. I think we kinda' just wanted a "miraculous work". I recently wrote a submission on my story of Sophie. The agent is no longer working on the book now, so I'm praying about what to do with it. I read that you are interested in writing? Was that you?

I definitely recall what you wrote about why you started your blog and it touched me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through the blogosphere. Feel free to send me a line via email. Hope you'll come back and visit the blog. I'll try to leave a comment when passing by yours to let you know I've visited.

and PS...I LOVE fall! OH, I love summer as well. I think that's because I love all things beachy. I love the ocean! HOWEVER, there is just something about fall. It just puts me in a good mood. I totally agree with you.

Where do you live? Haven't read that yet. Perhaps we need to plan a fall get together. ;)

Many blessings,

Rena Gunther

Amber said...

Each season has something special to offer, but Im with you on FALL right now. I love Spring because I can plant flowers, but Fall means that the hot Oklahoma summer is coming to an end(altho this year wasnt horrible),and its time to get out Fall/Halloween decorations! I love when the leaves start changing colors and I always wish it would last a little longer!

Dawn said...

I'm in agreement with you. Fall is my FAVORITE season, hands-down! And, you listed all the reasons. :)

Michelle said...

I also love the fall and everything about it. I always look forward to getting out my fall decorations.

Dawn said...

Annie, I was going to tell you.. I took the class through a camera shop in Tulsa. It is called Aperture's Photo. It was 6 weeks, one night a week and was $95. It's really worth it! Maybe during a summer you could fit it in. :)

Nadra said...

Annie...I'm a Fall girl too. Love, love, love this season.