Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monkey Business

Last night, we went to the state fair. Yes, it can be a bit on the diverse side. But going to the fair always provides for interesting moments.

This particular moment was provided by Luke, Ellie, and a man with a monkey.

As we were standing in line to buy our annual pork chop sandwiches, a man walked by who had a pet monkey. A small pet monkey who was riding on his shoulders. I don't know who the man was or if he worked there, but he just kind of loitered around the area for awhile, not necessarily trying to gain attention.

Well, attention he did get from my kiddos. They stood from afar, just staring at this spectacle. It was such a cute monkey, and I think he had some clothes and a hat on.

Then, Luke leaned over to me and whispered out of the side of his mouth (as not to let the man with the monkey hear him): "Mom.... does that man know that he has a monkey on his back?"

Before I could answer, Ellie rolled her eyes and responded with incredulity, "Luke, don't you know what he does? He is a MONKEY-TAMER." As though being a monkey tamer was just as common at a fair as a ride operator.

4 Wonderful Responses:

Dawn said...

Okay, Luke's comment was precious.

And, seriously, don't we all have a monkey of some sort on our backs?

Great post Annie! :)

Michelle said...

That is so cute! I think I like what your daughter's response was the most. I love to go to the fair. I reminds me that fall is here!

Amber said...

How cute! I remember seeing a monkey guy at the OKC zoo when I was younger, but i havent in years.

Amber said...

I mean FAIR, not ZOO..its still early. =)