Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Betcha Didn't Know...

...the real reason it snowed a little bit last week...
Any idea why here in this corner of Oklahoma we got that dusting of snow?
It had nothing to do with a cold front or precipitation.

It was because this child
pulled out all the stops.
She went to bat for all the children out there who were
keeping their fingers crossed for snow.

Ellie slept with her pajamas inside out AND backwards.
She slept with a spoon under her pillow
and flushed some ice down the toilet.

And whaddya know, the next morning,
with her nose pressed hard to the cold glass,
what did she see but white flakes falling daintily from sky

Next time you'd like some snow, you know who to call.

7 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

Please send her over here to bring snow...if it's going to be this stinkin' cold, it sure ought to snow!!

jenx67 said...

Hey - could you have Ellie do that for us snow-lonesome folk down in OKC? My husband says cold days without snow are a waste of time. LOL.

Congrats on your Okie Blog nomination. I'm making the rounds now to all the blogs in all 12 categories. Best of luck.

Dawn said...

How adorable!!!

Tell her next time to make sure to ask for a bit more of that fluffy white stuff. I'm ready for a real snow fall! I need at least ONE a year.

Congrats on your nomination Annie!!! You know I so LOVE your blog! And, I think you are just cat's meow! :)

Amber said...

Ok, now I know why we didnt get snow here in Moore!! It was all for Ellie!

Shannon said...

Could you maybe send Ellie up her to work her snow magic in reverse? Otherwise she could come for a playdate - we have plenty of the white stuff to go around.: ) Craig is actually out sledding with them on the locally famous Alton hill right now. Hopefully they will come home without injuries. Sweet post.

Michelle said...

What a personality! Tell her thanks from my kids. They were so excited even if it was just a little bit.

Baloney said...

She's got some talent!