Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Did Your Husband Get You For Christmas?

Most all of us have our stories.

One year, before we were married, Tom bought me an Industrial Sized Package of Breath Mints. Because I like breathmints, he said.

That was the last year he got me a present that poorly chosen. I make a point to remind him of the breath mint debacle quite often.

If you have ever received a gift like this, you have got to take a couple minutes to watch this video.

It's clean, it's true, it's hysterical.

(listen for the positive subliminal messages being played in the dog house- HA!)

7 Wonderful Responses:

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO!!! thats a classic!
and breathmints? wow

Valerie said...

you already know i think that video is hysterical! :)

and what my husband and I bought each other for Christmas? the same thing we do every year -- nothing. and we both like it that way. we tend to do little things for each other year-round, so it's kind of funny, but when Christmas and birthdays roll around, we actually let each other off the hook. we're two little strange birds. :)

Michelle said...

ROFL! That is awesome! I have to show this to Tom. He does good on the presents now. There have been a few years early on where I wasn't crazy about what he got me but he has learned over the years. lol Thanks for sharing. :)

Kathleen said...

TOO, too funny! Thanks for giving me a laugh today!

Valerie...we didn't buy anything for each other this year either! We say that every year and end up getting something, but this year we stuck to our guns. Of course, there are lots of "toys" (he just got 2 new suits, I just got all the stuff I need to make my own bread) for each of us throughout the year, so it's not such a big deal.

Dawn said...

Oh, I saw this recently. It cracked me up!! I just laughed and laughed.


Baloney said...

I love that video. I show it to the Doc before Christmas each year. :)
BREATHMINTS? Wow. My BIL informed my sister one year that their new baby was her birthday present. How's that?
I gave the Doc an outdoor fireplace. He is impossible to buy for so I usually end up spending a fortune on him. If he wants something he buys it!
Doc gives great gifts, so no complaints from me. Besides... I usually tell him what to give me. Ha.

Melinda said...

That was hysterical! My husband is 50/50 on whether he will give good gifts or not. I blame part of it on me though because even if it is a not-so-nice gift I rave over it just so that his feelings don't get hurt. God bless him...he tries : )