Thursday, March 18, 2010


tom and i celebrated our 14th anniversary this week.

wow, that makes me feel old.

but thankful.

even though my husband and our relationship is not perfect.
we quabble. he usually thinks he's right.
so do i. (think i'm right.)
he can't fix my car when it's broken down and he's not really good at putting things together.
he is gone an awful lot, and though it's not his fault, i still get mad at him sometimes.
and did i mention he's forgetful? ooooh honey, he's forgetful.

though not perfect, i am immesely thankful for him and for our 14 years of marriage.

here's why....

1. simply said, he loves his family. he puts us first. being of the coaching profession, that is a very big thing.

2. he gives me a footrub every night (when he's home). be jealous. be very jealous.

3. he isn't afraid to make a decision. as a girl who doesn't like decisions that is very, very nice. plus, i trust his decisions. he seems to have a knack for making the right one.

4. he folds the laundry and changes the sheets. all the time. no kidding

5. his faith in God. i look to him for leadership in that area.

6. he is quicker to spend money on a quality item than i am and probably splurges on me more than he should.

7. he knows who he is.

8. he shows me affection and tells me he loves me everyday.

9. he supports me in anything i want to do whether that is taking up tennis or going on a cruise with my friends.

10. he is tall, dark and handsome. oh yeah.

11. he enjoys his guy time.

12. he is a wonderful daddy - gets down on the floor and wrestles with them all the time.

13. he knows how to make me laugh.

14. he is mine!!!

3 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

well, according to your list, he sounds pretty close to perfect! or at least perfect for you! :) happy anniversary. 14 years is quite impressive in this day and age. we're closing in on 8 years, and I feel quite thankful for that.

momof4kr said...

Nothing makes my heart happier than a HAPPY, GODLY MARRIAGE...and I would imagine God feels the same way.
*~Happy 14th Annie & Tom!! ~*
(G & I will be joining that rank this August :) )

Shannon said...

Happy anniversary! Can Tom give Craig some lessons on the laundry folding? : ) Praying for many years of wedded bliss to come!