Saturday, March 27, 2010

Got Encouragement?

When's the last time someone really took the time to be an encouragement to you?

Well, for me, that was a couple of days back when a friend who keeps up with my blog took the time to send me a really thoughtful message:

On another note – I just want to encourage you, my friend, to let up on the “wish I was funnier” script you’ve got playing in your head. You, dear Annie, are joyous, genuine, kind-hearted, deep-thinking, and a lover of life in all its shadows and nuances – you don’t need any kind of crack-up funny, sarcastic one-liners to make people smile and enjoy life! Let it go, Annie dear! You are “fearfully and wonderfully made” – just the way you are!

Isn't that nice? But not just sugar coated nice, but encouraging in a real life way... kind of a kind little kick in the booty that really ended up meaning a lot to me.

Take note, dear friend, that hereby and henceforth, I will officially refrain from self-condemnation of my (lack of) wittiness on this blog. That sentence is about as confusing as the health-care bill. What I am saying in layman's terms is that I will not talk about how unfunny I am anymore!!! :-)

So, just one more question to ask you:
When is the last time you were a true encouragement to someone in your life?

Just asking.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Shannon said...

I couldn't agree more with whomever shared those wise words with you - she could have been reading my mind. I love your sense of humor and have often found my self chuckling at some comment you made. Keep it up!

Encouragement - my two good friends spoke truth to me and encouraged me to get my 2 mile run done and over with. ( major road block for me and I had been putting it off for about a week) I got it done Friday morning - no stopping - all 25 minutes of it. Major accomplishment for me, but would probably still be fussing about it if they hadn't cheered me on. It's a good thing.

momof4kr said...

"Encourage one another and build each other up" ~ such a beautiful scripture!

This is one of the staple verses that I recite over and over to my children...but ya know what, I think I need to recite it a little more to myself. Easier said than done.
p.s. U know how much I love your writing...don't go changin'!