Friday, March 12, 2010

Growin' Up Girl

It happened to Kami and now it's happening to my "little one."

She's growing up.
Last weekend she grew up more than usual.
She went from having long kiddy hair....To a cool big girl cut....Opened up her own bank account...and played in a piano competition I would just close my eyes and ignore the growing, but I'd miss the beauty of all of it.

4 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

Beautiful girl. And yay for the bank account and piano competition!

Shannon said...

Cute hair! Very stylish! They do grow up so horribly fast don't they? I know what you mean about closing your eyes.

Baloney said...

I love her hair!

momof4kr said...

Oh my goodness...I absolutely cannot let my girls see this post! They are both dying to cut their hair off! Momma ain't ready for that. (Abby wants layers too - YIKES!)
We so miss seeing you guys at the soccer field...hopefully we'll cross paths again soon!