Saturday, March 20, 2010

Early Easter Exitement PLUS Encore!!!

Recent Tradition dictates that we must go to Granny's for the dying of the eggs. We've done it the last oh, 8 years or so. Here we were in 2008. Like most traditions, you do the same things you did the last year and the year before that. But I'm telling you, at Granny's house, tradition NEVER gets old. It just grows more tender with each year.

This year, we actually got a little jump on Easter due to Spring Break. We went to see granny in her tiny, little nest on Friday. 12 of us showed up at noon and lo and behold, the woman, the completely amazing lady, had fixed US lunch. White beans, mashed potatoes and corn bread. The BEST! I felt awful... something told me I should have been bringing HER some kind of special lunch. But she just won't have it that way.

Here are the kids sitting around granny's famous round table. We've been sitting round that thing for the last 40 years. Well, I should say I have been sitting round it that long. Sure it's longer for my mom and dad.

Hallie, Ana and Ellie.
Backyard Easter egg hunt.Luke hid the eggs a little too well. Even he had a little trouble reaching them.
Success. Kami was done in 5 minutes flat. Not so much the artistic type.

Grandma sat and watched all the kiddos decorate eggs.
Even gave her two cents on Ellie's eggs. The only thing cuter than Grandma I?
Maggie Rae. That girl is too cute.;Everyone relaxing afterwards and then...... the ENCORE!!!
The quilt giveaway (from Valentine's Day).
Who won?
Who could it be?
Surely not me!!!
My family has already won three!
But when she reached in to draw a name....
I could not believe my ears....
I won the quilt!!!! ~Happiness~

I know I gush about my granny, but I do not know anyone personally who truly embodies the quality of LOVE like she does.

We are blessed by her and our Easter Excitement at her house.

9 Wonderful Responses:

Shannon said...

What can I say...your Granny rocks!! Congrats on winning that beautiful quilt and how great are those memories for you and your kids. Happy Easter!

Amanda said...

I love the quilt giveaway!!!

Valerie said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!! I'm sure you knew you'd get a comment outta me on this post! Way to go on winning another one of Granny's QUILTS!!!! Seriously. I want a granny just like granny. My grannies have all passed. So maybe I'll just have to ASPIRE to be a granny just like your Granny. :)

Kathleen said...

I LOVE, LOVE reading about your special times with Granny! She seems like the sweetest, gentlest, most giving lady! What a blessing it is to have her in your life! And what a blessing your kids have had the opportunity to get to know her!

Sammoch said...

So glad you won the quilt!!

ASHLEY said...

i wish granny had her own blog....sigh...

Tracey said...

I need to start putting my name in the jar for the quilt!!!!

Looks like the kids had a great time decorating eggs, a week or so early... I bet that made Gran I feel good especially since Papa is not doing so well!!!!

Love you all! Thanks for the pics of the kids, makes me miss them so much!

Heather Keith said...

So sad we missed this gathering and so excited you won the quilt!

Kim said...

Wow! That quilt will be seen every Valentines Day for sure! It really is filled with love! BEAUTIFUL