Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's TRI

The 13th Annual Kids' Triathalon was held yesterday. I noticed that I sometimes tri to make up for my childhood weaknesses (in this case lack of athleticism) by getting my kids involved in things that might have been difficult for me. There's got to be something Freudian about that. So despite the fact that I am completely wacking out my children, I am proud to say that they participated in the event along with the Streeter kids and cousin Hallie.

Here are number 68, 69 and 71 (niece Hallie was 70).

We learned a lot about how triathalons work including an education on "transition areas." This is Luke's square.

First, the kids lined up at the pool. The cool thing about this triathalon is that they started the kids at 10 second intervals instead of all at the same time.

He woke up crying fat tears this morning: "I don't WANT to do a triathalon," (see I AM mentally messing with my kids), however, he was so excited to jump into the water at race time!
Hallie and Ellie during the biking portion of the race.

Luke headed to the finish line!
They all crossed the finish line! Woo Hoo! You will be glad to know that I was rational enough to allow them to participate in the SHORT course instead of the LONG course, and that the SHORT course was truly that - SHORT. 25m swim, 1/2 mile bike ride, 1/4 mile run. Maybe the damage is minimal!

They were all smiles after the race and Ellie said with satisfaction, "THAT FELT GREAT!" I smile because of all three of our kids, she is most like me. Her weakness is probably athletic ability. Hmmmm. Maybe I AM doing something right after all.

Everybody who finished got a medal on stage. They didn't even hand out 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. How's that for increasing everyone's self esteem?

My proudest moment though? After Luke finished, he spotted a little girl walking by herself through the running portion of the triathalon. He sprinted over to her and encouraged her, "You can do it! Let's run!" Luke crossed the finish line for a second time, this time with the little girl by his side. That was cool. And it made me feel a little better about my parenting abilities. ;-)

3 Wonderful Responses:

momof4kr said...

Annie ~ that is THE COOLEST! Never heard of this event, but I TOTALLY want my kids to be a part of it next Summer...please remind me. :)
p.s. LOVE the part about Luke and the girl.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...I love this idea! Great job, kids!!

Tracey said...

As energetic as Luke may be... and as bad of a rap as the little guy has gotten... he is quite a charmer and a caring, sensitive young man! I am totally proud of him as I am sure you are as well!!!