Saturday, July 17, 2010


Stop #2 on our trip to OKC....
Pops, near Edmond, Oklahoma

My friend Jessie introduced us to this in-the-middle-of-nowhere spot, so we wanted to introduce everyone else to the fun of Pop's!

Pops lives up to it's name by stocking over 500 different varieties of pop! Pick up an empty six pack box and fill it up with whatever tickles your tongue.
I felt like strangling Luke right before this picture was taken. Ok, not REALLY, but he was getting a kick out of pretending to knock down the thousands of bottles that line the shelves of the store. Yes, the bottles are glued down, but I don't think that small detail would stop him from ruining the display. Aargh!!

Once we got outside, the kids (my 3 plus 6 cousins) ran off some steam while we waited for dinner. The menu was pretty much what you'd expect at a truck stop, but yummy burgers and fries and onion rings, and of course, POP!

Looking at all the different kinds of pop was fun; Luke discovered a bottle of pop called Ramune' that has a marble in it. Not sure if he likes the taste of the pop or the marble. Ellie likes that kind and the classic Coke in a glass bottle. Me, of course, Pepsi, and Kami found a gourmet cream soda called "Hank's!"
At night, the 66 foot neon pop bottle glows for all to see, and this is another MUST see near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

5 Wonderful Responses:

momof4kr said...

What a *FLASH BACK!*
Do u remember the Soda/Pop Store at 21st & Yale in the Target parking lot?! I have forever ago memories of going there and picking out a soda or two. It was HEAVEN for a little girl who was (and still is) a sugar-a-holic!
Where did T-Town's Pop Shop go???

Katie said...

We love Pops! My daughter went recently and brought home a Chai Cola that no one liked except my husband. He drank it and didn't sleep ALL night! Wonder what did that to him?Didn't know you were in my city till I saw this! Hope you enjoyed!

Baloney said...

I haven't been there yet but I know my little Jacob would be in Heaven!

Valerie said...

My brother and his wife and kids live in OKC, so we've tried to get out and do some of the fun things there. If you love cupcakes you should go to Cuppies 'n Joe on 23rd. Also we want to go see the Clydesdales at the Express Farm out in Yukon. And another thing we haven't done yet is the Heartland Flyer train from OKC to Fort Worth.

Heather Keith said...

I love all of these pics, we had a great time with you all that evening at POPS!