Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Encouraging Ida

Granny loves the holidays, but unfortunately, she's spending this one stuck in a wheelchair living in the nursing home. So we thought we'd spice things up for her a little bit. You would have thought we had brought in a live 24-foot Douglas fir like the one in Washington, D.C.......she was so pleased with the little, silvery, tinselly thing. She was in good spirits on this day.

One night last week, I went by to see her around 7 P.M. She was wearing her red laced gown and all tucked in under 3 layers of covers (now I know why I love covers so) with the lights down low. She says to wake her up when she's asleep "I want you to wake me up!" she insists sweetly. "It breaks the monotony." So woke her up I did, and I don't know if was the heaviness of night that or the dream-like state of sleep that had her baring a soul a little more freely to me. She talked of what ifs (what if that darn swivel chair hadn't taken me down), and she affirmed God's protection over her (it didn't even hurt! God was right there with me.) She expressed her motherly worries (how's your Uncle Rex [her son] doing) and then spoke of her frustration at her current situation (I just want to be home). I wasn't sure what home she was talking about, her earthly one or heavenly one, but I just felt my heart twist up and I said, "Granny, God has left you about this old earth for some reason. He has a little more work for you to do here." She looked at me with a tiny twinkle in her eye. "You think so?" she wondered aloud.... "I know so, Granny!" I replied. "In fact," I explained, "you are already doing God's work, just being here in this nursing home and living so faithfully with your eyes on Jesus." I told her that several of my friends have been inspired by her over the years and especially lately. (I know this, friends, because you've told me!). "Really?" she questioned. "Yes, granny." I told her I share with my friends her love for God, her fear of nothing but him, the way she is always looking for God to return to earth, in anticipation of meeting Jesus each and every day of her life. She said, "Well, that just makes it worth it, then doesn't it," she whispered before she drifted off in sleep.

If my granny has touched you in any way, if you have seen her faith shine, I'd ask you to consider taking a moment and telling her so. I'd love you to send her a card to the nursing home. I know that many of you have never met her, but felt you have from hearing me talk about her incessantly. :) The words from you would confirm to her that her faithful walk has touched hearts along the way, even those she doesn't even know. It would make her days there a little softer. Here is her contact info:

Park's Edge Nursing Center
Attn: Ida Reynolds
5115 East 51st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135-7430

4 Wonderful Responses:

Sammoch said...

Done! Love her smile...

Tracey said...

I hope that someone is checking her mail at the house! I sent my Christmas card to the house since I didn't have her current address!

I hope Granny is still in amazing spirits and healing every day!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

That little tree is darling! I know she loved it.

momof4kr said...

Ahhhh....not only is she an amazingly, faithful grandmother...but, you - Annie - are an amazingly, faithful grandaughter!
p.s. Will most definitely be sending a card!