Monday, November 15, 2010

Field Trip Favorite

One great highlight of elementary school is the day-long field trip to the one-room school house in Perry. It was a great learning experience when Kami went (and I had my camera fully charged), and Ellie loved it too, (but my battery lasted all of two and a half minutes, Dang Technology!). So my pictures are few but the memories are many. (which pretty much kills me by the way - the picture part that is...)

Ellie is more of a prairie girl at heart (remember the summer of Laura Ingalls Wilder?) and she soaked in the bridge of time, the school marm, the strict learning environment, the lessons on the slateboards, the spelling bee and the kid who had to put his nose in the circle on the chalkboard. For a day, no smartboards, no intercom announcements, no lunchables and no smart-mouthed boys (for this is the age when the boys really smart noticing the girls and their way of getting attention? Smart-mouthing. Ellie knows. It happened again today).

So glad that Ellie could experience just a taste of what her very own Great Grandma Ida lived in her childhood. Kami's post contains an interesting interview with Granny about her schooling, and this time my sister and I went over and got Granny on film. I would love to post snippets of her when I can so you can get to know her better and go back into time yourself to a time when things were simpler and humbler and... cold! Granny says the only bathroom was God's green earth and that when it was cold, then so was your hiney! Cold hineys aside, the "good" old days are a'calling my name.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

That last picture could be Granny herself walking to school, except for the concrete sidewalk. I am sure this was right up Ellie's alley! Nana

Tracey said...

Did Ellie wear one of the prairie dresses that Gran mae for Ronda and Kim when they were younger???

Can't wait to see the video if you choose to put it on your blog!