Monday, November 22, 2010

I Caught My Dog Worshipping God Today

Wilson is such a good dog. He crates contentedly. He was potty trained in a few, short days. No kidding! He has had two surgeries and absolutely will not chew on his stitches. He cuddles on command. He plays rowdily when summoned. He knows how to sit and a few other tricks. And now he worships God. I saw it.

I let him outside the afternoon and the weather was warm and musty with leaves. Wilson sensed that too and decided to stay out back for awhile. Later, I checked on him and saw him sitting on the ground, nose pointed to the sky, eyes closed, breathing in life. And I thought, I bet he's worshipping the one true God, what a dog! Can you picture the moment? I ran right out with my camera to capture the doggy devotional, but he of course looked up at my interruption. Let's all be more like Wilson tomorrow... and just take a minute to stop, breathe in the fresh air and worship God!

4 Wonderful Responses:

Dawn said...

I loved this. I could totally see what you were describing.

We used to have a Boston named Symie. He was a very smart dog.

Happy Thanksgiving

momof4kr said...

"Every knee shall bow and every tongue profess..."
Creatures great and small know who HE is...even the rocks will cry out!

Kathleen said... sweet! He sounds like a wonderful dog!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Awww...well, you gotta love that!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!