Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Randomness

Some darling people I know coordinate their Halloween costumes.

Like Jonni Baloney whose entire family dressed up as different Mario characters.... yes, even the adults dressed up. I think that's so darn cute. And Katie's kiddos were all super duper coordinated.

You guys are my idols. Because what my kids chose to be were ...... drumroll please...... a table, a twin, and an injured skateboarder. There is no great photo op for costumes so random as these. Ellie was absolutley determined to be a table for Halloween. After dumpster diving for boxes, I finally went to UPS and paid over 20 bucks for a 3X3 one. A few cuts with a box knife and one trip to the thrift store later, and oh yeah, a LOT of hot glue, she had a fun costume that took everyone she saw by surprise.

Boys of course want to be as gory or scary as possible. After working my buns off on the table, i was relieved to shred up some old clothes and throw on some red and black makeup for the effect of scrapes and bruises. He was perfectly happy and as an added bonus, he got to ride his skateboard around on Halloween night.
And here is Kami's twin sister Katie. No matter that Kami is about a foot shorter than her and their hair is different colors, and so on. What they did have in common was that they are both darling. And coordinated!
Okay, a little random, but a lot fun. Can't believe another Halloween has come and gone.

3 Wonderful Responses:

Shannon said...

I think that whole table thing just knocks it out of the park. Love that! Anything you feel might be lacking in coordination you more than made up for in creativity!

momof4kr said...

Don't know how I missed a couple of your posts...but, I've been meaning to tell you I saw Miss Ellie in the SH Newsletter as the WINNER of the costume contest ~ GO ELLIE!! It really was THE COOLEST! :-)

Baloney said...

Catching up on your blog this morning.
I laughed out loud at the table costume. Hysterical!!
My husband will never dress up with the kids again... or so he says.