Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Funny Feeling

Post Note: See the finished clipboards HERE

My camera is broken. It happened on Christmas Day about 4:00. No longer did my prized possession operate as it should. Just like that. I didn't drop it. I didn't spill anything on it. And miraculously, none of my children did anything destructive to it. Inside the camera, a little plastic pin, being moved up and down a little too much in too short a period of time, snapped. I found it annoyingly interesting that on one particular website, 5 other people posted that their Canon Rebels did the EXACT SAME THING on THE EXACT SAME DAY! Huh. In-ter-es-ting. But fruitless in terms of getting a quick fix or convincing Canon to recognize this as a documented problem with the camera. I can just envision the camera manual... a section called "Christmas Day and Other Holiday Troubleshooting" with a note that "taking too many pictures could (and eventually will) result in the collapse a major camera element that will cost $150+ to repair! Take precautions to lower your camera shots to 2 shots per moment." (instead of my usual 32 spm.) Grrr.

Now, as my camera sits sadly on a shelf in a camera repair shop, a funny feeling sits down in my stomach. You know that vague feeling you get sometimes that something is out of place, weird...unsettled.... kind of like you've lost your last set of car keys, or your watch, or even worse, your cell phone? That's how I feel. So, I realized something about myself through this painful separation from my camera.... (just halfway kidding).

I realized that like eating and sleeping, releasing my creative energy is right up there for me on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Does that sound ridiculous? Well, it's true, Maslow identified creativity as a valid need! I realized that not being able to snap pictures has taken an avenue of creativity away that usually satisfies me. Instead, I am journaling a lot more, and clipboards. I have been decorating the clipboards! Clipboards in the morning and clipboards in night. When I get my camera back, I will take a picture of one and show you the clipboards I have been making for the kids' teachers for Teacher Appreciation in February. 3 down, 67 to go. Just kidding... I will be relying on other people for help with those. But taking a pic of my clipboards will be a like a Double Shot Coffee Drink from Starbucks... a nice double jolt of creativity. That buzz should last me a good couple of days, and help me get rid of that funny, funky feeling down deep in my gut.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne,
I am missing your pictures, but I am sure enjoying your journaling!

Tracey said...

Oh poor Anne... I guess you are going to get your old digital camera out of the closet and brush the dust off until your GOOD camera is fixed... I love the decorative clipboards - I have 3 of them that one of our teachers makes...

Good luck with your camera repair!