Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mommas Love Their Babies

I love being a mom. I mean, I really, really do. It is the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. The hardest thing. The most humbling thing. The most maddening thing. At times, I literally feel like banging my head against a wall. It can be a gut-twisting, eye-squinshing, heart-squeezing experience that tests my patience to levels I heretofore have never known. I realize that to make it through, I absolutely MUST rely on a higher power. I CANNOT DO IT OF MY OWN STRENGTH.

But at the end of the day, being a mom is sweetest, most funnest thing ever <
(I know, not proper English there. It was just for emphasis). I've been thinking lately about how it's really a blast to be a mom. And to be able to introduce my kids to new things. Teach them about their surroundings. Help them look at life through the right lens. Give them tools for living. Pray for them. And hopefully, make them proud that I am their mom. (though I probably embarrass them - I have a weird habit of singing and dancing when their friends come over.)

When you really, really think about it... being a mom is an amazing privilege. Being able to significantly shape the very life of 3 human beings. Wo, that's heavy. And that's a lot of pressure. But again, I remind myself that He (the God of Heaven and Earth) will give me wisdom and strength if I will just simply ask. He will give it to me. I hang onto that truth. And hopefully he will also give me ESP during those teenage years. (I am totally serious about that.)

These three paragraphs were just a veiled apology for what I am about to say next: I am posting about Luke. Again. I just can't help it. I tried not to post about this incident. It happened a few days ago. It is really not that big a deal. It is not like I am thinking that he is some whiz-kid. Four year olds say stuff like this all the time. They are all so inquisitive. But to me, this moment is fantastic, and I don't want to forget it. Because not only can I hear the words I am about to post, but I can see the burning wonder in his eyes. I can remember how he licked his lips as he asked this question, something he always does when he is thinking about adult stuff. So now that I've built it up so big, I will share it. I call it "Perplexed."

We are in the car. I guess he has a lot of time to think in the car. He is strapped in. He has nowhere to go. So, he thinks.

"Mom, the road that we are driving on is flat, right?"


"Well, when you go in outerspace and you look at the world, it is round, right?"


Long pause.

(incredulous) "WELL, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?"

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