Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Return of the CAMERA

It is back. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have it home again. I do have to say, though, I learned a few things in the absence of my camera.

1) The value of journaling. In the past, I didn't post unless I had a picture to share. It has been cathartic to just write. Ironic I never have, since I do love writing so, but writing has been nice.

2) In the absence of my camera, I have had to try harder to draw a picture with my words. It has renewed my interest in being a better writer.

3) In thinking about journaling, I looked back at some of the labels and realized that while I have accumulated several posts about our kiddos, a nice amount about Granny, several about ORU and plenty vacation posts, I had not one single post about Tom. Sure, I've mentioned him, but I have yet to share my thankfulness for this man in my life... what a great husband and father is. Maybe it's because deep down I know he's not the sharing type. He'd probably rather have the hair plucked from his chest or try on 5 shades of lipstick than bear his soul to the internet (of all things). But I do feel that a very important character from our lives is rather absent here on our family blog... soon to be titled "Having a Ball," and I want to try to put more emphasis on the man who is really the center of our lives. And since today is his birthday, it really is a perfect day to bring him up. Happy Birthday Tommy!

4) You don't know what got 'til it's gone. Ha! I always enjoyed my camera and valued it as one of my favorite earthly possessions, but I haven't really taken the time to properly learn how to take pictures. I ridiculously thought that if I bought the same camera as my favorite photographer, then I could take pictures like her. Ha! I'm going to have to work harder, read books, maybe take a class with my sister. Practice practice practice taking pictures. You are going to see nicer pictures on this blog.

5) I've always "excused" this blog to myself because it is a way to keep track of my family. It documents our daily activities and helps us remember the days that fly of the calendar. I think I felt guilty spending my time doing something for myself. But, I'm going to OK it. This blog can be for me too! Thus, the new and improved blog look coming soon!

6) Finally, I had improperly diagnosed my camera's problem. I have to retract my earlier statement about the camera (although the timing still seems awfully weird) and say that the problem was a "loose connection." Great that means the plastic pin is still destined to break?!? Here's hoping NOT.

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