Sunday, January 20, 2008

Na Na Na Na

Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Oh, did I really give this post such an obvious title? And let on that I am secretly (or not so secretly) jumping up and down that our venture into guinea pig care is now O-V-E-R? Well, it all began very sweetly. We all were intrigued with these creatures (Edward -pictured- and his buddy Marvin). They were so cuddly and had a place of honor in Ellie's room. But then, they got demoted, because they kept waking her up at night wanting FOOD more FOOD. Poor critters, I think that's the only brain cell they have... one that tells them "I need food." The demotion landed them in the kids' bathroom. Still, not bad living if you're a guinea pig. We can handle it. After all, these are God's handiwork. Made. for. us. to. care. for. But they sure poop a lot. And stink. Oh, they stink. Let's see how they fare in the garage. Surely they can survive out there. They do: those hardy little fellas. But I deal daily with guinea-pig-guilt. Strangely, no one else seems to care, much less feel guilt. Why, when I have 299 other things to think about, am I agonizing over these nervous, little, wide-eyed, animals? Well, my parents raised what seems like hundreds of animals during my childhood. Can I not handle a dog and two guinea pigs? Well, it seems like God is saying, "Let me help you out with this one." Or maybe Marvin and Edward were desperately praying to be rescued. Or maybe it was the prayers of the family who wanted a new guinea pig to replace another one that had recently died. Whatever it was, when the call came... out of the blue... the answer was, "yes, Marvin and Edward would love a new home." And since the Princess of Hearts had recently read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, (thanks, Chere) she could see the value of being loved... by someone new. Her exact words were, "It's time for Marvin and Edward to go." And on Saturday, they went with a new family, a family who seems intent on loving them. I breathed a sigh of relief, and then Ellie asked, "When can I get a crab?"

1 Wonderful Responses:

Nana said...

Annie, I am so glad the guinea pig episode has a happy ending. They were adorable, but my goodness did they stink and make a mess. When we were guinea sitting them, they made a huge mess with all of that hay. However, they were so sweet and cute that I will miss them.