Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hamburgers Don't Taste Good During Overtime

It's just the latest truth I've learned as the wife of a college basketball coach. Snacking has never been a way for me to soothe myself during basketball games (although it carries me through about every other challenge in my life). Food is just not appealing as I watch those guys go to battle on the court. It's kind of like eating while watching a loved one have surgery. Not good. But with the game hundreds of miles away from me, I ordered a nice, juicy, mushroom and swiss burger. I had heard Louie's makes great burgers! And as fate would have it.... when that burger was served, I simultaneously discovered that the Golden Eagles were in OVERTIME. So as the kiddos crammed down their grilled cheeses and pizzas and the Smiths enjoyed their fare of choice, my burger and fries just sat there real lonely. I cut it into fourths, I sprayed a big pond of ketchup on my plate. But it didn't help. I just couldn't take one single bite. I watched the tickers on the 29 TVs in the restaurant. Couldn't find the score anywhere! Finally, I called my dad. "Dad, what happened in the game? I know we were in overtime?! Is it over?" Tick Tick Tick............................ "We won by 9!" Dad reported. I felt like screaming. It probably would've been fine to scream. It was so loud there no one would have noticed. I went back and sat down at the table. And ate the whole darn burger. I learned something else: burgers taste absolutely delicious after a sweet win.

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