Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blogging and other Things on My Heart

How I do love to blog.

I look at it as something I do for myself.
Like taking a hot bath.
Or getting a pedicure.

That's how much I love it.

It's my opportunity to express myself, record my memories and be creative all in one.

I get to write poems, (try to) be funny and extract those emotions that are running rampant inside my heart.

One other bonus: your comments! I love reading them. They make my day sometimes. Did you know that?

I also love, love, love to read your blogs. I'd like to name all my favorite blogs here, but I don't want to leave anyone out... because your words really make a difference!

They influence me.
They make me laugh.
They make me think.
Your blogs are truly wonderful and delightful.
They inspire me in many different ways.

I have this habit of thinking in terms of blog posts. I'm sitting there actually experiencing a moment, thinking... boy, I'm gonna have to blog this. Sometimes, the title jumps right into my head at the very moment.

For instance, today, I was itching to get to the computer to blog about this picture... My wild child daughter decorated herself with a fancy mustache, unibrow and chest hair. Don't ask me where she gets this stuff.

I also have wanted for a long time to share with you about our two aquatic pets: a red eared slider turtle and a catfish.
I mean, who has a pet catfish? We even have a stocking for him. I also wanted to tell you that I try to be real careful in the mornings not to wake turtle up. If I come in to the laundry room (where he stays), and I can see he's all tucked up into his shell, I just cannot turn on the light and jolt him into his 10 gallon aquarium of reality. I mean, that's not how the sun comes out, instantaneously, and I guess out of respect for mother nature, I try to tread lightly around turtle in the mornings.

I'd love to tell you that a week ago, I was running up to my sister's door (it was COLD!) and tripped and fell HARD knee-first on the edge of her concrete step. I don't think my knee will ever be the same, but what is really bothering me is that I put a hole in the one pair of skinny jeans I have. Ok, I am not skinny; however, they are the closest thing to a skinny jean I will ever have... they look good tucked into boots and with my BFL diet, I was actually feeling semi-cute in them... and then, the only pair of true designer jeans I own... ripped. I have seen pics of celebrities in ripped jeans, but I guarantee you they paid money for special rips. Sigh.

I'd like to share with you that we're having a rough basketball season. It hasn't been this rough in quite a few years. I guess that's something to be thankful for -that our last few seasons have been good ones-, but it is H.A.R.D. to watch your husband and his players lose game after game. It's difficult to listen to his voice on the phone when we just got whipped and he won't say it... but I know that all he wants is to come home and see his family. It makes me anxious when we start losing so much, but ironically, it's the one thing that consistently gets me on my knees - right where God wants me.

Which brings me to my last point. As much as I love blogging -and tend to obsess-, I am going to take a bit of a break. I am feeling in my heart that as much as I love it (and it's ok to love it!), I need to take a step back from it and focus on the One who makes it All Possible.

I wonder (because of YOUR blog posts)... am I truly helping my children focus on the REAL meaning of CHRISTmas? Am I giving them opportunities to serve others? Am I spending enough time with my King? That's what I'm going to focus my heart upon right now - the birth of Christ - my Father, King, Savior, Protector, Rock. Have a peaceful, relaxing, lovely and wonderful Christmas!!!

14 Wonderful Responses:

Gov said...


Great post! Enjoy your time off. I would like to spend more time blogging but just don't have the time to do the things I want with it. We'll see you when you get back. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year!

Gov said...

Oh yeah...and I swear your daughter Ellie, and my daughter Amber, were seperated at birth. They both have the same crazy persona. Isn't it great?

Kathleen said...

Loved hearing your thoughts on so many different things.

It's great knowing we share a "Blog Voice" and that those aren't just "voices" in my head.

I can't stop laughing when I think of the picture of your mustached girl, the one who lives out loud.

That's so sweet how much respect you have for your turtle.

Will be praying for you and your family as you experience The Game together...even its lows. And may there be some wins in there too.

Enjoy your Blog Break and have a wonderful CHRISTmas!!

georgie said...

Yep Fab post...go enjoy yourself...i am taking a break myself

Dawn said...

I truly admire you. :)

I love the pictures of your daughter and your pet turtle. We had a pet turtle just like him for about 6 six years. His name was Turdy! LOL! We released him to a pond when Camryn was born.

Enjoy your time with your family. And, have a very Merry Christmas. :)

Michelle said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your time off. I have so much to do before Thursday! We did Christmas with my family last night so we are in full swing. We also have a little turtle. We have had him for over a year.
Blessings to your family through the holidays. Michelle :)

Kim said...

Well, alright girl you go and do what's best for you! You have gotta take care of yourself because no one else will! Give you a hug from me!

Tracey said...

Don't take TOO much time off... I will miss reading about the kids and their adventures! Even though I am in the same town it seems like there isn't enough time to do everything I would like, including hanging out with my extended cousins!

Love you lots and hope that you all have a wonderful holiday week with your families!

Amanda said...

LOVE this post. Don't take too much time off...your followers will miss you!!!

4 Lettre Words said...

What a fun post, Annie! And, I have to say that a catfish is pretty cool. Sam would love that!!

Amber said...

Hey Lady! I love reading your blog! I like seeing pictures of your kids and reading about how they live out loud and such. I had to take a little time off too. I just posted today finally. I hope that you guys had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!! Sorry your jeans got ripped =( I hope that things go better with basketball. I love that you have a pet turtle and catfish! Thats awesome =)

ellen said...


I have a feeling you always get around to getting it all done. You just seem like one of those people who can juggle it all with a sweet smile and a soft heart. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with those you love most!

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Margo said...

I really enjoy reading your posts! Keep them coming! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Amanda said...

Come Back! We miss you!!