Monday, December 08, 2008

Family Night

You don't know how rare a word combination that is with us....

In the last 2 weeks, Tom has traveled to Canada, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota and North Dakota. Someone asked me when Tom was coming back and I answered "who??" Just kidding of course. So having him home is one thing, but then having him all the kids home too (and not off at activities) is another.

We did it all last night:

Family dinner- (I cheated and put in a frozen lasagna)

Tom did the dishes- (he is that husband!)

Made puppy chow together- (complete with aprons and chef hats - Ellie's idea of course)

Trimmed the tree- (side note: my tree is depressing this year. I bought it half price after Christmas last year because our old one was getting bad. When I set this one up, the girls came home from school and had a disappointed look in their eyes. Maybe you can't tell, but you can see through the tree... it's just not real Lush, you could say. My sister has this amazing tree, so humongous and incredible... so it's hard not to compare! I need to find a great tree for a decent price - any hints where to look? Is it possible to get one on sale after Christmas? Or are those just all the Charlie Brown trees?)

Listened to Christmas music- (Luke's favorite: "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" - he has his, so I don't know why he wanted to play this one over and over)

Played a knock-down-drag-out game of Mario Kart on the Wii- (There is only one non-competitive person in the family, so the game ended with tears... and then...)

Luke melted down big time- (glad Tom was here for that one! He did the honors of getting him to bed.)

Girls game of Crazy Mixed up Zoo- (Ellie has a rocking memory and beat Kami and I both!)

7 Wonderful Responses:

georgie said...

sounds like a FUn Family night...I am tired just readin this post lol...oh and I love puppy chow

Michelle said...

Thats so nice to have family night, no activites. Seems like with 3 kids it is never ending. Garden Ridge usually has a nice selection of trees. I would check on pricing and they might even put theirs on sale before Christimas, the closer it gets. You could always put the other tree in your dining room or another area of the house for fun. We have our old one upstairs. The kids enjoy it.

Kathleen said...

*sigh*...I wish you lived here--you could join my very own Married Single Mom's (MSM) Club and come over for dinner whenever our significant others are gone. :(

Re: the tree--we got ours at Sam's. It's a 9 footer, although our 2-story Living Room (which, for the record, I would not have made 2-story if I could do it all again) could accommodate the 12 footer. I think they also sell a 7 footer. After Christmas? I think there are still some there then.

Glad you enjoyed your Family Night; hope he's not gone too much more this month!

Dawn said...

I wanna come to YOUR house for family night. I love games.

I'm glad your husband was home for the fun. I know it must get very old with him on the road so much. You must be a pretty organized mom to make it all work. Kudos girl!

I bought our 7 ft. tree after Christmas at walmart a couple of years ago. It really is a beautiful tree... very full AND pre-lit. I think I paid about $50. Can't beat it! LOL! We have a 6 ft. one just like it that we put upstairs for Courtney to decorate. I just love the after Christmas sales on Christmas decor.

I can't imagine a 9ft. tree! Wowsers!

Kim said...

I'm excited to be putting away the Thanksgiving stuff. Seeing your sweet family push forward to Christmas was good for me, though. -I've got thoughts of graham crackers with white icing and lots of yummy candy to put together a want to be ginger bread house!

Baloney said...

I think your tree looks just fine!
You are going to have to play games with me & Dawn on FB now. :)
We're not competitive at all.

Amber said...

Sounds like you guys had a great family night!! I think your tree is pretty! We usually get a real tree each year (because my husband thinks it should be our tradition, not me)so im not sure where to offer tree advice. A friend of mine said she got a pre-lit tree at Lowes for a good price, but she bought it recently.