Friday, December 19, 2008

Somebody Watching a Little Too Much HSM?

Extraneous Commentary:

Yes, my dog has a Christmas sweater on.

Do you like the new polka dot rug from Pottery Barn?

And, yes, we have a basketball goal in our front room. Do you expect anything less from a basketball coach? Come on now.

Our front room is "under construction" - thus the unhung frames and drapeless windows.... hoping to get it finished up next Tuesday. plllllleeeeeeeeeeassssssee! I feel so undone!

Thanks for your great response on my "living out loud" description of my 2 youngest kiddos. I'm proud to say it's now a LABEL!

He can bust a move. This is only the tip of his iceberg. He can do some pretty impressive head spins and pop and locks (or something like that - help me Nicole)

13 Wonderful Responses:

ASHLEY said...

i love it! ...but...what i love most of all is that antique buffet with a built in beveled mirror in the i wrong, or is it FABULOUS!!! let me know if you're selling it...ever. cute boy...and he's so boyish and that's even cuter...i can smell the boy breath right now. blessings!

Shannon said...

WOWEE! He's giving Mr. Efron a run for his money. Are you going to torture him with this down the road? Very cute rub BTW. Have a good one!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I am so not showing this video to my husband! He will covet! :0)


Amber said...

Thats great!!!!

Amanda said...

Ok, that is cute!! Love it!!

Annie said...

hey mommie its me kami love ur blog. Thanks 4 being the best mom ever kami

4 Lettre Words said...

You are too funny with all of the explanation! Awesome video...and dog sweater!! :o)

insertgracehere said...

1.) Yes, I love the rug!

2.) My Mom always called the main room in our house the "front" room.

3.) This sooo needs to be on YouTube!

DeeBee said...

He makes me want to get up and move my groove thing.

momof4kr said...

I agree with two comments above me...that soooo needs to be on YOUTUBE.


If they make a HSM IV...I know who will be the *star*!

Baloney said...

But I'm going to be honest here. I was worried about your basketball goal and unhung pictures and... is that dishes on the buffet? EEK!
I think it is impressive that he can dance and play basketball at the same time. I can't even walk and chew gum simultaneously.

Kim said...

OH, MY! LOL! That was truly something else! Too much. And then your text was just a crack up with the rug and the sweater for your dog! - Right, you must have a net in the front room. The music was great, too. My boys must see to you!

lana said...

This is the CUTEST thing!! Your son is darling doing that little dance and dribble at the same time! As Ashley's mom, you probably know that her brother (my son) is a high school coach and we LIVED with a basketball in our "front room" and hallway! I think someone even went through one of the bedroom doors on a slam-dunk one time!
LOVED this post!!
Lana/Ashley's mom