Monday, December 15, 2008

Solid as a Rock

As I sit here and watch the clock tick painfully by, waiting for airline updates (Kami's flight from Raleigh just boarded - see previous post for Kami's flight problems!)......

I'm thinking about telling on myself, a bad mom story, involving Kami.
Rena did it last night, as did Roxanne a few days ago... so here goes...

When Tom is out of town, my strings get pulled a little tighter. I talk faster, I think harder and I don't laugh quite as much.

This was a day that he had been out of town for several days, so I was probably pulled as tight as Grandma's clothesline.

Kami had quite a busy schedule that day:
12:00 - bball game in Jenks
1:00 piano recital @ Barnes and Noble,
2:00 bball game @ Central H.S.

We obviously had to be well-prepared, and I drilled Kami on her bag... making sure she had everything she needed in it.
Long story short, the first bball game was running late and Kami was crushed... PLEASE Mom, can I play longer than we planned? A quick call to the piano teacher got Kami last on the recital list and all was well.

UNTIL... we were about 3 miles from the bookstore and Kami realized THAT SHE HAD FORGOTTEN HER SHOES!!!!! All she had to wear for her recital were her Nike high tops OR bare feet.

To a piano recital @ Barnes and Noble?
Oooh Hoooo. I don't think so. (Pride speaking)

At this point, I was pulled so tight, I was about to break and I started yelling (yelling!) WHY DID YOU FORGET YOUR SHOES? We are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!

Unfortunately, as I raced the streets back to our house to pick up her silvery little flats, I continued to harrass her. I now cringe. But I truly thought it was over. I thought there was NO WAY we could make it back to the bookstore on time.
(especially given 71st and Memorial traffic!)

And only by the grace of God did we. I drove up to the bookstore, tires smoking, only then realizing that my poor child who I had been so angry with for the last 10-12 minutes, was supposed to play 5 piano pieces in PUBLIC! Something she had never done before. How could she pull off such a feat?

With a minute to go and memories of mom's words certainly ringing through her ears, the sweet baby walked up to the piano and pounded out 5 pieces, some by memory.

Not a mistake made she.
Solid as a rock. A testament to HER strength of character, not mine. Excuse me, I need to go eat some humble pie now. In front of the fire. As I wait for that sweet baby to come home.

9 Wonderful Responses:

georgie said...

I dont think i realized we lived so close to each other...I'm in Broken Arrow
71st and Memorial is to be avoided at all costs during the Holidays LOL

Michelle said...

I can't tell you how many times I have snapped, trying to hold it together, but letting Grace "have it". She deals with stress very well as does Kami. Just remember in the end, I think she will look back and remember how you were the best mom ever. All you want is the best for her and for things to go well. It is difficult to juggle 3 different childrens schedules and Kami sounds like she is as involved with things as Grace.
I was just thinking that tonight Grace had Piano at 4:00, Cheer at 5:00 and she was suppose to go and sing and with Choir at 6:00 and be there 15 minutes early. How was I going to get her dressed and ready after cheering? I guess I am off the hook because of the snow day. Now if I can just keep them from killing each other today. :)
Still praying for Kami's safe return.

Baloney said...

I'm cracking up at your label. Questionable Mothering Practices!!!
I thought you said you weren't funny. LOL!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I am welling up with tears and laughing all at the same time. I COMPLETELY GET IT!!! I feel so honored and blessed - thanks for including me in this - the validation is a huge gift! You are such a cool mom!!!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I made a post:


Kathleen said...

You're not alone. One of my shining moments was when I yelled, "STOP YELLING!!!"

Amber said...

Annie--we have alot on our plate just as being MOMs, not to mention other things that go on with every day life, so i think that we are entitled to a little spapping here and there, just as long as its not out of hand--you know? Anyway, I know how you feel. I have snapped at my kids more than once and later, I feel absolutely horrible. I figure that when I get wound that tight, that must mean that its time for "ME TIME". I try and go to the library, or take a nice hot bath or something to just get peace and quiet (altho i dont get it in the bath, the kids are usually banging on the door or screaming). Things like getting mad at them doesnt last long in their minds, I dont think. I can lose my head with Courtney one minute, and the next she's hugging me and telling me that i'm her "best fwiend" =) I think that as long as you acknowledge it, and apologize for it, then its not THAT bad. I think you're a great mom, and that I can tell just by your blog!

Indian Lake Papa said...

You made it! Did Jesus stay in the car with you - or did He get out and hoof it? Maybe He just tightened us seat belt a little tighter. Dad"S never get stressed out - yeah right!

Anonymous said...

I'm still choking on that darn pie! ;)

It's good to know I'm not the only one.

Mayone one day we can sit down together and eat some "real" pie....with Diet Coke! ...and Pepsi! ;)