Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You Know It's Bad When....

I joined Facebook.

After I discoverd Ashley and Katie, two of the cutest girls I know, were on Facebook, and then my sister sent me an invitation, and then, two cool bloggers I know, Baloney and Dawn, talk about it all the time... well... I decided to try it out.

That is not the Bad part. I am actually amazed at what a great tool it is and how I am already connecting to people I haven't seen in a long, long time.

I do have some questions though. What if you said "yes" to a new friend but then that person barrages you with all kinds of weird green patch somethingorothers and other odd requests?
That bugs me, but that is not the bad part either.

The bad thing is this: I found a word game that I am kind of obsessed with. It provides you with 6 letters and you have to spell every word you possibly can using those letters. As fast as you can.

Do you remember that I read words backwards to see what they may spell?
Well, anyway, I have to make myself stop playing that game. I'd like to play it right now.

Actually, this is not exactly the bad part either.
Here it really is, the bad part.

You know it's really bad when you are driving behind a SUBURBAN. And you start thinking of all the smaller words that big word could spell.



Ok, the light is green. Move on!!!

Next stoplight, I pull up behind a LIBERTY.

I told you. It's Bad.

12 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

you're so funny!!! i loved your comment on my blog...i literally laughed outloud! i'm glad i can give you that lovin' feelin' about your hubster...ha! my husband can't throw anything away...he could be on oprah as a hoarder, i swear! i actually had three more things to put on there, but i felt bed...ties, suits, socks. it's UNREAL!!!! facebook...i'm just WAITING for an old weirdo boy i dated to come across there...ick.


Anonymous said...

i bet you're really good at boggle and scrabble...

Gov said...

On those Facebook applications, I just hit the ignore button (unless it's something I'm really interested in. My life doesn't afford me the time to mess with those. (Although, I've enjoyed the game "Scramble". I need to check out your game.) I don't even accept every friend request that comes my way. It's simple, if they aren't currently my friend, or if we never were friends, or if we went to the same high school, but we never really talked to each other, or if you know one of my friends so you think you know me, forget about it. Facebook can be a pretty personal place and I just don't share my life with anybody. It may sound rude, but I have to draw the line somewhere. You made the cut, though so you're on the inside. Lucky you!

Kathleen said...

Ha! You are so funny...and so like me. I've had to avoid the games on FB because I already know from Webkinz how addicted I can become! :-)

I would love to be your Facebook friend--find me: Kathleen Macomber Pierce. :-)

Michelle said...

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. It has been great to reconnect with friends, but it is such a waste of time..think of all the things I could get done if I wasn't on facebook! lol
I remember on one of your blogs that you talked about how you like to spell words backwards...I bet that game does drive you crazy.

georgie said...

I must be one of the last few that hasnt joined facebook....I can barely keep up with blogger as it is...

Dawn said...

I literally lay in bed seeing letters in my head at night!! LOL!

I love Scramble, Pathwords, Word Twist, Guess the Sketch (it's like pictionary) and who's got the biggest brain.

I'm way addicted! :)

I'm glad I'm not alone!

Nadra said...

Addicting....Word Challenge is so addicting. It makes me crazy, but I can't stop. :)

4 Lettre Words said...

You crack me up! I so LOVE word games.

I have avoided Facebook so far, but everyone I know is on there. Enjoy! :o)

DeeBee said...

OMG! That is so funny! I really got a chuckle about this.

Anonymous said...

You got it bad girl on the Word Challenge! But that's a sign of a healthy mind. :)

Facebook was the new thing I tried last week after being beaten over the head to try it. I feel like I'm back in grade school again with the whole, "I wonder if I should ask her to be my friend? What if she say no? What if...".(thanks for being my friend.)

Anonymous said...

This reminds of my younger years when my family and a family we were friends with played Boggle.

Same concept. Sorta... the letters had to connect. I've done crazy, similar things like that.

I used to type out what I was saying or what someone else was saying in my mind.

Guess we weirdos need to stick together! ;)