Sunday, January 03, 2010

3 Parties, 2 Bowling Dates and 1 Fantastic New Year

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day came with no lack of activities for us this particular year. I think it was God's little blessing to me since Tom was gone for 7 full days from December 28th AM to January 3rd PM. Helped me not to get too lonely or have enough time to feel sorry for myself.

We rang in 2010 with a gaggle of people in family style. It was a great party in a huge house with unique entertainment (a kids' talent show - Luke did his breakdancing routine!)
Some of Kami's friends were there!

See, I told you.... lots of people.. and this was just the kids!
Earlier in the day, we hosted a Bunco party for the girls in Kami's class at school... I was a little worried about 6th graders getting the idea of bunco...

but... uh..... it wasn't a problem. I just sat and relaxed on the couch, while they rang the bell, tallied their points and moved on when they won.

They went four rounds and LOVED it! I just gave out prizes at the end, but wait until they get a taste of playing for $! Ellie wanted a bunco party too, but we opted for a Clue party instead.... I was a little frazzled at the thought of 12 eight year olds trying to figure it out. Clue was much slower paced; there was some yawning. I felt kind of bad because they started talking about all the different ways to die.... "I would rather die by poison," one girl said. "NO WAY!" said another, "that rots your insides out. Just get a gun and get it over with." Nice little heartwarming game of Clue that was. But I think they had fun.
Add Image Brooke and Kami are on to something
Savannah showing her card to Ellie and Hallie.

Savannah making an "accusation." By the way, the New Clue (I couldn't find the old one) has all these new-fangled rules, that while making me miss the original simplicity of the game, still added some interest and challenge that the original didn't have.

We went bowling two days in a row... New Year's Eve and Day... here we are with Tiff and LeeAnn's families on New Year's Day.

Ellie and Big Braden!

He was a cute bowler. And better than me. I was absolutley awful at bowling! Confirming my theory that I am completely unathletic. I mean, I could not roll the thing straight!

We went back to Tiff's for homemade lasagna cooked by Mr. Italiano, Joe! It was SuPeR yummy!
On New Year's Eve, Luke got to hang out with the BOYZ. Austin and Cody.

What cutie patooties!

and here's to my boy and the year 2010. Many blessings to you and yours in the New Year.

5 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

I'm so glad you had a happy new year! It's so hard to do weekends or holidays without our other halves!! Hope this will be a wonderful year for you, my friend!

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

Love the bunko party idea. I think I may suggest Hannah do that this year for her birthday!

Happy New Year. Glad you are my friend!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a wonderful start to 2010! Always a bummer when the hubby is away but looks like you made due. Fun pics!

momof4kr said...

LOVE the Bunko idea too! You are always so clever!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are darling! I've been blog surfing for other OK bloggers! What a beautiful site! You are blessed! :)