Saturday, January 02, 2010

Faux Paux?

This year, Tom told me what he wanted for Christmas.

You know it's bad when your husband is asking for new silverware for Christmas. When we were married, we did recieve a full set of everyday silverware, but that was 13+ years ago. There were a few lone survivors from our original set, but for the most part, we had accumulated a motely crew of eating utensils.

So... I went and picked out something that we could use for the next 13 years or so. It wasn't until I lugged it inside the house I realized that tucked up into the very tip top of my kitchen cabinets was a full and shiny set of our "nice" silverware that we had received as gifts 13+ years ago.

Hmmmm. Should I save it for another 13 years? Or should I go ahead and use it now? For the record, I had pretty bad taste 13+ years ago.... I just got rid of our dark green tinted drinking glasses last year. But I really am not picky about stuff like that.... as much as I'd like to be a domestic diva... that I ain't. And I like the "nice" silverware just fine! I would enjoy using it because if there's one thing I hate, that is wasting things. And it sure seems like a waste for my silverware to be unused for another decade. But will I be sorry? Will I look back with angst and think, "why oh WHY did I ever use that nice silverware? How could I be so stupid?" Why do people save the good stuff anyway? To use on holidays and special occasions? To pass down to their grandchildren? Am I wrong? Am I delusional? Am I socially unacceptable? Somebody, come to my rescue.... tell me what is proper yet practical.

6 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

use the nice stuff...i would if i had any...the only "nice" stuff i have is a real silver serving knife and and fork purchased by the ones and only...your sisters inlaws. seriously. patsy to the rescue. ; )

Gov said...

What is the use in having these nice things if not to use them? I remember when we picked out our "fine" china at Dillard's, the lady asked us "Are you sure?", because it wasn't over-the-top fancy like what most couples were choosing. We said we were. What we chose was more practical for us and to this day, almost 16 years later, the only dinner party we've hosted has been a shrimp boil where you just lay newspaper on the table and use your hands to eat. The only dishes on the table are wine glasses. We just simple folk from Kansas! If the day comes when we ever need to step things up a bit for guests, it'll be at our level. In the end, it's not the dishes people are impressed with, it's the company they're surrounded by. So, my vote is to go ahead and use the good stuff. Your family is worth it, aren't they?

Valerie said...

Yep, I'm on the "use it" train as well. Yay for finding it -- saves money!

Kathleen said...

I say if you have it, use it!! Then again, I ain't no domestic diva neither! :-) In fact, wanna know a secret? The plates we use everyday? They are these ugly plates that my hubby and his roommates purchased for their apartment about 5 years before we were ever married. That means they are 20 years old. They were a cheap set purchased on major sale at a grocery store!! And, yes, they really are ugly. But they hold the food, don't they? :)

Anonymous said...

I say use it Annie! You know all of this "stuff" that I have over here that my grandkids adore and say "dibbies" on...Well, I know that they will not want it later in life. Of course, I will still collect all of my collectibles, so you will be stuck with them. So, use it and enjoy it now! Mom

@nnie said...

for the record.... we are using the "nice stuff!" thanks for the input!