Monday, July 14, 2008

Anything To Get The Focus Off That Last Post

I have been mortified all day. I confessed my embarrassing moments on the World Wide Web, and now I am cringing. So, moving's something kind of funny....6 grown women dressed in the fashions of our teenage years. We had a ball with it, looking through old pics and cracking up at some of the old 80's styles like.... (remember any of these?)

shoulder pads
HUGE hair
tulip rings
Laura Ashley dresses
puffy sleeves
Acid Dyed Jeans
Banana Clips
Jelly Shoes
Sailor Dresses
Friendship Pin Bracelets
Neon color clothes
Big Plastic Earrings
The Madonna Look
Worry Doll Hairclips
Layered shirts
We laughed and reminisced for a long time. But it all had a purpose. We are using a study called Secret Keeper Girls with our daughters this summer to try to teach them a little about how to be the girls God made them to be, and this was Date #5. After poking fun at old fashions, I spent some time with the girls talking about fashion and how fashion is not bad, it's fun! However, girls must pay attention to how they are presenting themselves through what they wear. It gave me the chance to talk with them about wearing clothes that present the right message of who they are. And just because other people are wearing it, doesn't mean it's OK for you! I am so glad I got the opportunity to speak to the girls about this, and doing this along with other moms and daughters helps them feel like they are not the only ones! Plus, I got the chance to don one of my favorite 80's fashions: the drop-waisted floral dress with shoulder pads embellished with large bows. Too bad I couldn't get the big hair going. I tried, but my hair just isn't quite the same as it was back in the good ole eighties.

4 Wonderful Responses:

Jeana said...

Oh, how fun!

Anonymous said...

I long for those banana clips! I loved those things...they have to be making a come back soon, don't you think?

Lately, I've been trying to get the hair wings thing going again -- I figure that look is right around the corner again, and I want to be ready.

Isn't it funny how we still hang on to some of those clothes? :) How about the V-Neck sweaters all the girls turned backwards!

Anonymous said...

hi anne...came to your blog from katie's, she always says the nicest things about you...i've enjoyed reading your blog and loving the dress with the bows, you have to rat and backcomb to get the poofy 'do (ha!ha!)...i am also a friend of your sisters and admired you when i was in high were (and i hear you are still) SO cool!! many blessings!

Laura said...

OH, my favs are stretch stirrup pants with big scrunch socks and LA gears. And don't forget the side pony tail!

But I really wanted to say kudos to you and your friends for teaching your daughters modesty, it's undervalued so in our society. I'm glad there are still good people like you teaching these values to your children. I will as soon as mine are potty trained, and always by example, of course!