Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Don't Have a Problem with Ten

I Like 10.
I Don't Have a Problem with Ten.
Sure, it's double digits,
but you still have baby teeth
and you ask for a hug every night when you go to bed.
Ten isn't so bad.
I mean, YES you are a decade old, born in the 90's,
but Ten, it's not all it's chalked up to be!
I can still remember how you looked on your first day of kindergarten.
and wasn't it just a couple years ago you were learning cursive?
You're just one year removed from Elementary School, baby!
10 is fine.
I'm fine with 10.
Really, I am.
It's those other numbers that scare me.
Like 2. Two years from Middle School.
Now that's making me a little uncomfortable.
And 4. Four years from being a freshman.
Wow, that's fierce. I do NOT like that number.
Then there is 6. I do not like 6 at all.
Thats' six years from driving.
No kidding.
But the worst number, the meanest number of all
is 8. That is two less than 10 and a short eight years
until you leave us for better things.
Maybe by then 8 won't be such a scary number
a number that already brings tears to my eyes.
But for now I'm liking 10.
I don't have a problem with ten.
Ten is a fabulous number.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Jeana said...

Hey, thanks for your sweet comment. I'm glad you don't mind ten, because it kind of freaks me out. Where did the decade go?!

Anonymous said...

I am still looking for that "Proceed with Caution" sign on this post for those of us with ten year olds...You DO know you can read my mind, right??? XOXO Chere'