Thursday, July 24, 2008

Easily Inspired

You people....

You know what you do?
Do you know what you do to me?

You inspire me.

Yes, you.

You may have heard of "easily influenced,"
but I am easily inspired.

I am inspired by
who is as organized as the president's secretary
and is always doing cool projects around her house

by Lori
who specializes in simple living
and has a friend in every zip code

by Linda
who runs like an Olympian after her dreams

by Chrissy
who has a heart of gold

by Chere'
who I really think has ESP
and is one of those truly gifted individuals
my special friend

by Laura (I call her Dr. Laura)
who has a way of fixing the unfixable
just like a kindergarten teacher fixes a boo-boo

by Kim
who is stable when I am not
(which seems to happen quite often)

who is passionate about a lot of things
and ignites that passion in others

by Julie
who is a lover of nature
and takes darn good
pictures of it too

by Nicole
my soul sista
who has faith in the face of basketball

by Kelly
photography is unequaled in my book
and the sweetness! oh, the sweetness

whose gentle determination to be a good parent
rubs off on anyone around her (you are amazing)

by Ronda
who soaks up the wonderful world around her

by Carolyn
who reads her Bible fiercely
and Judy
who operates sacrificially
who writes amazingly
and by Ida
well, you know my Granny.

She is a walking inspiration.

But I'm serious, did you know how deeply you inspire me?
Erin, Dawn, Tom and Jim?
Carrie and Kerry?
Paula and Kim?
Karla and Jeana?
Angie and Risa?
Jessie and Starla?

Maybe you didn't know it.

Maybe I just never said it.

But YOU are why
I am taking pictures passionately
feeding my kids salmon twice weekly
looking to further my education quickly
trying to read through my Bible before I am 40

and spending our money wisely (Ok, not always)

YOU are why
I am trying to live by FAITH
and not by sight
I am trying to not live in my own power
but by His might

YOU are the reason
I have a turtle tank
am visiting a bat cave

am making 3 quilts;
am reading 3 books

have an idea for a book

write in a journal
and try harder to consider the feelings of others

Because I know YOU
I try to make the best of every situation
and look smashing doing it!
I try to pay more attention to others
and less to myself!
I try to be more like YOU

Because of YOU
I have the confidence to know that these things are possible

Except one...try as I might...
I can't really be very funny!!
I just don't think it's in the cards for me.

next time I am around you,

and I get kind of quiet, don't forget...

I am being inspired!

5 Wonderful Responses:

Mike H. said...

What a great, selfless, altruistic post. God brings people into our lives for a reason and, obviously, you have been truly blessed. It's great that you even recognize that in your friends. This post inspired me. Thanks!

Jeana said...

What a nice thing to say! I am so glad.

Heather Keith said...

Love it! WOW, cuz you inspire me in so many ways! Thanks for the kind words!

momof4kr said...

What a PRECIOUS words!
I couldn't agree more.
For the people that God has put in my life to inspire me ~ I could not be more grateful!
And...You, Little Missy, are one of them! I refer to you as my "Jenks Mentor Mom" - you are my GO TO friend for all my school needs, concerns, questions. I look up to you in so many ways.
I have no doubt that God has brought our families together "for such a time as this."

momof4kr said...

liquid paper that "a" out of the first line

LOL :)